One of the basic geometric shapes, that are popular among the world’s biggest brands, is the triangle. This form has a very strong communication power. If we single out some things that characterize the shape of a triangle, then we could list a few, namely stability, strength, growth, unity, trust, tradition, spirituality, mystery, etc., although design theorists primarily associate this shape with the concept of stability and strength.

In this article, we will deal with popular triangle logos and logo design ideas based on the triangle concept.

Triangle logo design – a very inspiring task for designers!

The shape of the triangle gives a wide range of inspiration because it is playful, it gives flexibility, and every movement, that is, a potential change in the position and orientation of this shape drastically changes the meaning of the message it broadcasts.

Regarding the application of this shape in the logo design of the world’s leading popular brands, triangular logos are found in various industries – from sports equipment, and fashion industry, to oil & gas industry logos, all the way to high-tech and online giants such as Google Play, Airbnb, etc.

Let’s look at the basic ways of applying a triangular shape in logo design in order to see how we can use this shape to achieve the best way to send the desired message of a brand, that is, to emit the energy of a brand.

“Pointing-up” triangle logo!

Undoubtedly, the upward-facing triangle represents strength and stability. The two lower corners give stability, while the third upper corner emits the energy of sublimity and strength.

Such a logo simply says: “I am a strong and powerful brand!”.

We will add that such logos also bring positivity, considering that they are turned upwards and that always represents something positive, some growth.

Triangle Logo -

They are applicable to all brands that want to express elements of stability and trust, but also an element of the traditional. They are often used by financial institutions and companies, banks, insurance companies, safety companies, and all those who need to communicate with the target group at the level of building trust.

“Pointing-down” triangle logo!

The downward-facing triangular logo is also characterized by stability and strength, but unlike the previous one, the downward-facing triangle carries a dose of aggression and a dose of more direct address to the audience.

Triangle Logo -

If we divide marketing strategies into push strategy and pull strategy, then the upward triangle belongs to the sphere of pull marketing strategy, that is, the game of customer attraction strategy, while the downward triangle belongs to push marketing strategy, that is, it is more a brand that “imposes” in communication with the audience.

The basic difference between the “pointing up” and the “pointing down” triangular logo!?

As mentioned, design theorists emphasize “stability and strength” as the basic elements of a triangle-shaped logo, and in that sense, the difference between the two mentioned ways of applying this shape (pointing up and pointing down) in logo design can be defined as follows:

  • triangular logo pointed upwards – stability, then strength!
  • triangular logo pointed down – strength, then stability!

Other ways of applying…

In addition to the two basic ways of using this shape (pointing up and pointing down), the triangle can rotate in the whole spectrum of 360 degrees, and one of the most used is the “right turn”, ie the legendary “play” symbol. This approach carries an element of “movement” and has “call-to-action” power.

However, how much energy the shape of the triangle in the logo will exude depends a lot on the size of the triangle itself, the relationship to the inscription of the brand name, ie the company, as well as the applied colors.

One of the popular applications of the triangle shape in logo design is the substitution for the letters A, and V, but also the letter M. Airbnb and Adobe are examples of the application of the triangle for the letter A.

The stylization of the shape of a triangle in this concept of substituting certain letters of the company name, ie, a brand, can be very powerful and effective because the possibilities of stylization are wide.

Also, triangles are used as substitutes for arrows and pointers. It uses the ability to highlight elements of “movement” and “motion” as the strength or message of a brand.

Triangle logos often have abstract forms in some special concepts. Fitting a mosaic of triangles is also not uncommon.

Triangles in combination with other shapes are also one of the variants. Combinations of triangles and circles, triangles within another shape, circle or square, etc.

Stylizing and conceptualizing triangles from the triangles themselves is also a very inspiring concept that designers often opt for. One of the most famous logos of this type is the Mitsubishi brand logo.

Let’s look at some of the examples of triangle logos of the world’s biggest brands!

Adidas - triangle logo
Adidas – styled triangle logo
Adobe - triangle logo
Adobe – letter “A” styled as a triangle logo
Airbnb - triangle logo
Airbnb – letter “A” styled as a triangle logo
Google Play - triangle logo
Google Play – “turned-right” triangle shape as a “play” symbol
Mitsubishi - triangle logo
Mitsubishi – the geometric combination shaped into a triangle logo
Reebok - triangle logo
Reebok – triangle concept of a logo

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