How brand identity design contest work?

You can launch a brand identity contest to design any of the followings:

You can select 1 or more items to be designed and the minimum contest prize for brand identity design is just $50 per item selected.

If you have multiple design items for your contest, you can only select 1 winner and he/she will deliver all of the designs. It is common for designers to submit only part of the designs during qualifying stage. But once select as the winner, the designer will finish rest of the design to your satisfaction.

For example, if you like business card from one designer and T-shirt design from another, our suggestion will be to select the designer who you think deserve the most and work with him/her to finish the remaining design items.

I’ve paid, but my contest is still waiting for payment

Sometimes there is a slight delay when acknowledging your contest payment. Please wait a few minutes and refresh your contest page to see if the payment information has been updated.

If the problem still exist, please contact support with your contest name and payment receipt and we will help you launch your contest ASAP.

How to design my business card and stationery?

Business card and stationery is part of our brand identity design offerings. If you already have a logo design, go to our start page, select the brand identity design option and checkbox the items you need designed. The minimum prize for brand identity design is $50 per items selected.

If you don’t have a logo, we highly recommend you select the logo + brand identity design bundle to create a complete designs for your brand.

How does “Logo + Brand Identity Bundle” work?

Select the “Logo + Brand Identity Bundle” when you need to design a logo plus other brand identity such as business card, stationery, T-shirts, etc…

How it works

With the bundle package, we will first launch your logo contest. After you have finalized on your logo design and confirmed your logo package file, we will then automatically kick off your brand identity contest. Designers participating in your BI contest will be able to access your logo files and design accordingly.


The benefit of selecting the bundle is to save on the listing fees. You don’t need to pay a separate listing fee for your brand identity contest and any upgrade features you selected during logo contest will also apply to your brand identity project without any additional cost.

What about invoice and logo ownership proof?

Your invoice and logo ownership document is available from your contest page.


Click on the “print invoice” link and that will take you to the invoice page. Optionally, you can enter your company information and then click on the “generate invoice” button to have your invoice printed as a PDF file.

Logo transfer document

After confirming your logo package file, you should see the “logo copyright doc” link on the right of your contest page. Click on this link to print your logo copyright ownership document as a PDF file.


How to remove my contest information from Google search results?

By default, we will display all our past logo contests in our portfolio page to showcase our logo design talents and also attract future clients. However, if you don’t like your contest information to be publicly accessible, you can choose the private upgrade option($30) which will hide your contest from the public and search engines.

If you didn’t select this option when launching your contest, you can always go back to your contest page and purchase this upgrade. After you make the upgrade, we will send a manual removal request to Google and your contest information should disappear from Google search result within a week.


My designers are awesome, can I give tips?

Yes. This is what our “participation tip” feature is for. It works just like a tip. You can purchase participation tip anytime on your contest page for $5 each and award it to any designers who you think went the extra mile and deserve a little extra. This is a great way to show your appreciation for designers who worked hard on your contest but didn’t win. Designers love it, and the little participation tip icon next to your contest can also help attract extra designer attention.

What file formats are included in the logo package file?

Our logo package include the following file formats:

  • High resolution JPG
  • PNG with transparent background
  • PDF
  • EPS (vector source file)
  • readme on font and color used

These file formats will be sufficient for both online and offline printing. Any additional formats can be request directly from your logo designer.

Guaranteed vs. Non-guaranteed logo contest

48hourslogo is the only logo contest website offering our customer the option to list a contest for $29; take a look the logos submitted by our designers and then decide if you want to pay for the full prize amount.

Guaranteed contest

Contest with prepaid prize are considered guaranteed contest because client agree to definitely choose a winner and purchase the design from the contest. Guaranteed contests attract more and higher caliber designers.

Non-guaranteed contest

Contests started with initial listing fee are considered non-guaranteed contest because there is no guaranteed that the contest holder will choose a winner and purchase the logo.

guaranteed contest