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5 Basics of Branding and How a Logo Design Contest Can Help


Branding and logo design

Branding is the idea consumers have about a company. A brand must differentiate from the competition adopting a style that is unique. This style: logo, website, brochures, and online/offline ads is recognizable by consumers. The Design Council suggests,

“any organization can benefit by creating a brand that represents the company as distinctive, trusted, reliable, or whichever attributes are appropriate to that business”

Logo Tips

Rules For Using Clipart In Logos: Please Don’t

Using Clipart in logos Cover Page

With new designers coming in, we sometimes see an increase in Logo Court cases about using clipart. I would like to expound upon 48hourslogo’s position about using clipart in logos. 


Featured Designer Series #7 – aRBy

by Rick Mullenix | Community Manager

RB IconStill young and talented in his chosen field of work, Rahul, known to us as “aRBy,” is able to enjoy life pursing his passion for design. Growing up in the “cultural capital of India,” Kolkata, Western Bengal, gave Rahul many opportunities to gather experience as a designer at a young age. In this rich region he’s become fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali. Now 26 yrs old, Rahul has been a graphic artist for over 7 years.

In this interview you will learn about Rahul’s artistic influences, the experiences that has led him to where he is today, and what he would choose for his one super power.