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  • $99

    We are a retailer selling video games and comic books. We also plan to have a youtube channel where we will be wearing a black Cowboy Hat and red Bandana...like an outlaw...and review games and comics

    Outlaw Games and Comics

  • $99

    This business will be a clothing brand business.

    N MORE

  • $99

    we are a full service fencing contractor

    Quality Fence

  • $99

    Cryptocurrency token

    Unicore Reserve

  • $198

    Commercial property management company.

    Broad Sky Management

  • $148

    Auto detailing company specializing in high end, exotic and luxury vehicles.

    Precision Mobile Detailing

  • $99

    We organize homes and offices to give our customers a fresh start and a sense of organized balance to their lives.


  • $99

    tiki bar with a beach feel

    Iries Rum Hut

  • $105

    The primary service of the medical office is chiropractic services. However, there are other medical services that are offered including; massage therapy, health & wellness, pain management, physical therapy rehab, nutraceuticals and primary care.

    Vitalogy Healthcare

  • $99

    Baby wear and accessories


  • $99

    Wholesale toys, gift, novelties and more. We sell everthing in case quantites meaning we sell in bulk. Our main customer demographic are relligious organizations, wholesalers, retailers, party groups

    Case Fiesta

  • $198

    I want to use the letter "S" as the primary point of construction of the logo which is why the contest is titled, S. I make content that supports a lifestyle of overcoming your obstacles by elevating above your circumstances despite what everyone and physics may say humans can do.


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