Designing matching business card and stationery pack

Matching business card and stationery pack (including letterhead and envelope) are essential for your brand. After designing your business logo you may want to also create a matching business card and stationery for your brand.

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Facebook and social media cover design inspirations

Many of our customers choose to get a matching brand identity design after creating their custom logos. And one of popular brand identity design option is social media cover design. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, our designers can help you create a design that perfectly matches your brand.

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Search Our Extensive Logo Portfolio by Industry

With more than 40,000 completed logo contests under our belt, 48hourslogo showcases one of the largest logo design portfolio in the industry. If you are thinking about creating a new logo for your business, researching existing designs from your industry can help you discover what style of logo works best for your business.

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48hourslogo designer FAQs?

What if contest holder does not confirm my logo package file?

If you have uploaded your design package file and the client has not responded for more than 3 days, you should see a “Request contest prize…” button at the bottom of the contest page.

When you click on this button, we will send a final reminder to the client to confirm the package. If still no response from the client after another 48 hours, you should see a new button says “Claim contest prize…” Click on this button and the contest prize will now be released to your account.

Note: Please don’t abuse this function. Make sure you respond to client’s questions first before click on the button to “request contest payment”

What happens to abandoned logo contests?

If a guaranteed contest has ended for more than 30 days and no activity from contest holder for more than a week, the contest will be considered abandoned and finalist designers of this contest will be able to claim the “finalist prize”.
Just go to the contest page and you should see a “Claim My Finalist Prize” button on the right column. Depending on the # of finalist designers in the contest, up to 50% of total prize can be claimed.

If the contest holder later comes back, he must select a contest winner directly in order to continue. The winner will receive the remaining 50% of the prize after uploading the logo package file.

Client posted my design during blind stage for everyone to see

When this happens, mostly likely you are going to be the contest winner because client is clearly interested in your logo concept but it’s not yet perfect. In this case, please follow client instruction and provide more variations of your design in order to find the perfect one. However, if another designer ended up winning this contest and the winning logo is clearly inspired from your original concept. Please file a LOGO COURT case and we will split the prize accordingly.

Designer FAQs about Brand Identity Contest

Brand identity design contest can include following items:
* Business cards
* Letterhead & Envelope
* T-shirts
* Social media cover design
* Car/Truck wrap design
* Others

Please pay attention to the “Items to be designed” section to see what is required for each project.

Mock-ups and Submission guideline

Design mock-up are allowed for brand identity designs. Your design image must be 1000px in width (length is flexible) and file size must not exceed 500KB.

Brand identity design contests with multiple items

Contest winner will be responsible for delivering all request items. However during initial concept stage, you can include only 1 or 2 design items to showcase your design. The goal is to convince the client to select you as the winner. After being selected as the winner, you can then work with client to finish the rest of the designs.

About business card and stationery design

Please take a look our business card and stationery design examples and make sure your submission are similar in design quality.

About social media cover design

Social media cover design contains 2 major components: the square profile photo and header image. If not specified, design for Facebook, with the recommend dimensions of 180×180 pixels for profile photo and 828×315 pixels for the header image. Please take a look this article and make sure you upload your design same as the examples shown.

facebook cover that's simple and effective

Refer to the following link for other social media design dimensions

Brand identity design deliverable

You package file for brand identity contest should contain a high resolution JPG, PDF and source file in PSD or AI format for each design item.


Getting paid as logo designers

Designers are paid on following activities:

Winning a contest: Contest winner will receive the contest prize (minus 20% commission by 48hourslogo) after client confirms the logo package file.

Addition design purchase: After contest winner is selected, client is offered the option to purchase other non-winning designs. 48hourslogo will handle the payment transactions and the designer will receive 80% of the total purchase price. Go to your profile page to enable this option.

Designer invites: $5 for each invite you receive. (You must submit a least one design to the invited contest)

Participation Tip: $5 for each participation tip you receive.

Contest Finalist: $3 for every time you making the finalist in a contest

Requesting payout (withdraw)

You must have a valid PayPal account in order to receive your payment from us. Go to payment tab and click on the “Request Payout” button. Your account balance will be transferred to your PayPal account within 48 hours. There is a $5 charge for each withdraws to cover PayPal transaction fees.

Designer Warnings & Violations

1.) About “LOGO COURT”

If you feel someone has copied your design or violated our submission guideline , you can click on the “Report Violation” link on the contest page. This will help you file a Logo Court case in designer forum. Other designers can comment on the case and our moderator will make the final judgement.

• Note: If you receive a logo court case against your design, please respond ASAP by reply to the thread. Failure to respond will result in additional warning points.

2.) Warnings & Penalties

Please read through our “Designer Code of Conduct” before submitting to design contests. Each designer is allowed maximum of 9 warnings before account termination. You will also be fined when you receive a warning as such:
1st warning — $10 fine deducted from your balance
2nd warning — $20
3rd warning — $30

10th warning — Account termination

• Note: your account will also be terminated if you receive more warning points than your total number of contest wins. 

How brand identity design contest work?

You can launch a brand identity contest to design any of the followings:

You can select 1 or more items to be designed and the minimum contest prize for brand identity design is just $50 per item selected.

If you have multiple design items for your contest, you can only select 1 winner and he/she will deliver all of the designs. It is common for designers to submit only part of the designs during qualifying stage. But once select as the winner, the designer will finish rest of the design to your satisfaction.

For example, if you like business card from one designer and T-shirt design from another, our suggestion will be to select the designer who you think deserve the most and work with him/her to finish the remaining design items.