Branding and logo design
Branding is the idea consumers have about a company. A brand must differentiate from the competition adopting a style that is unique. This style: logo, website, brochures, and online/offline ads is recognizable by consumers. The Design Council suggests,

“any organization can benefit by creating a brand that represents the company as distinctive, trusted, reliable, or whichever attributes are appropriate to that business”

Every brand has a key message, we buy based on those ideas. It’s not all about the product or service a company offers, it’s also about establishing an emotional connection with consumers.

The 5 Basics of Branding

1- Communication: Communication is essential for branding. A company should be able to offer a solution to a problem in few words. The consumer relates to the company, his/her demands have been heard. The brand displays super innovative features, and this makes it easier for people to recognize the brand. The message brings customers in.
2-Trust: Customers trust the company to solve a particular problem. They buy from that company because they have done a good job in establishing themselves. The public trust the company, it’s reliable and honest.
3-Emotional Connection: An emotional connection motivates the buyer to buy from that particular brand. The consumer relates to the brand because it represents the buyer aspirations and aims. The company culture embodies all the things the consumer stands for.
4- Accessibility: The brand encourages the buyer to make a purchase through various channels. From the moment the buyer took notice to the final purchase, there is a phase. During that period the buyer gathers more information about that brand. The product should be accessible through various digital channels, so it’s easy to buy the product/service and keep communication rolling.
5-Loyalty: the product is good and the problem is solved. Customers are super happy about the outcome. This builds customer loyalty. Word of mouth is triggered and the company expands beyond its borders, reaching new product evangelists.
branding and how a logo contest can help

The brand should communicate clearly with the market it wants to reach. It takes time to build trust, but at the end, happy consumers will keep coming back and hopefully expand the message. It’s also vital to keep the communication open so a company can learn as much about its customers as the customers about the brand.
But, how a logo contest can help? A logo design contest is perfect to quickly interact with the market. You can go to the market with a fast logo design in no time. Entrepreneurs building a brand or considering a website redesign with limited time and budget can really benefit from this type of logo creation service

                How can a logo design contest help?

branding and logo design

-A logo contest offers great value for first-time entrepreneurs. You don’t have to spend a large sum of money to have your company logo made.
-A logo design contest allows experimenting with new designs. You can try several options, split test or do all sorts of experiments extremely fast. And this can give you precious insights on how consumers interact with your brand.
-It’s also a good way to think about the aesthetic of the brand, without the hassle of endless meetings in a design office. You can think about the logo in terms of fonts, colors, and lines in real- time. There is no need to meet the designers in person. This is a super effective way of having a logo, especially for people juggling multiple tasks.
-Logo design contests are pain-free, the whole process is aimed to make your life easier. The streamlined method, alongside, the payment system makes the process super stress-free. If you’re not happy with the logo you can always go back until you get a logo that best adjusts to your brand.
-There is a team of designers ready to help you. Design professionals can give you advice and few hints in case you get stuck. This means, you’re not alone when choosing a logo, there is always someone there, ready to help you.
-You can get inspired with the thousands of portfolios available. You can even buy a ready-made design. There is an extensive database of portfolios and designs in case you’re running out of time. Also, you can check the blog here where we post all the ins and outs of the logo design industry.

Having a logo design is an important milestone when building a brand. Make sure you have a solid idea of what your brand is about. It’s crucial to determine from the start the essence of the brand and the story behind.  Then, shaping or conceptualizing the message should come easily.
A logo contest can help you structure your message. The whole process is flawless and can save you time and money, so precious at the beginning. You can iterate in the process, and make changes along the way. Finally, once you’re ready to expand the brand’s message, you can think about the next milestone.