Sweets. Creating a logo in the sweets industry is a special challenge, and 48HoursLogo – this time – is a candy store!

No matter is it a chocolate logo, a chocolate factory logo, a cake bakery logo, or a candy store logo, here’s how 48HoursLogo can help!

48HoursLogo examples of “sweets logos”!

Standard components of sweets logos

In our articles, we always try to analyze a certain type of logo and determine what is common to those logos. There are matrices that appear with a certain type of logos, such as dominant colors, certain elements that are characteristic of the industry to which the company belongs, the type of font, or the shape of the logo.

By sharing our experiences and analytical conclusions, we believe we are helping people who are launching a design contest, but also designers who are creating logos on the 48HoursLogo platform. So, here are our insights on sweets logos!

Sweets logo colors

The most commonly used color in making this type of logo is chocolate color. Various shades of brown.

The brown color is very delicate and in a way very subtle. Manipulation of shades can lead to very interesting effects, so as such the color gives a wide range of inspiration, but at the same time, designers should be very careful because the design can slip and become heavy and gloomy to the eye.

Brown is not easy to combine with other colors. Brown is a challenge!

Certainly, brown is not the only one, because often sweets are not related to chocolate, but to candies, increasingly popular herbal and vegan sweets, innovative types of cakes, ice cream, etc. However, the 48HoursLogo experience shows that brown dominates.

Given that this industry is largely addressed to children, colorful solutions are not uncommon, and the colors that are used are the most intense, most picturesque, and often flashy.

Sweets Logos Recipe: Candy Stores will love this!
One before launching a 48HoursLogo design contest! 🙂

Tasteful elements – mouthwatering logos!

One thing that is characteristic of this type of logo is what we will call “mouth-watering logos”. Simply put, there are logos that cause a “mouth-watering” effect. Visually great solutions that hit the essence, and we will be free to call them perfect sweets logos.

Aim for this effect, because then your logo will have enormous communication power and will attract fans and customers with its power. At the same time, it’s a great way to build trust with potential new customers, because simply – “even your logo is delicious”!

Pay close attention and think for a long time, about what kind of visuals, graphics, and elements you put on the logo, so as not to miss the chance to make one perfect “mouth-watering” logo. Highlight this in the design brief you fill out on our site when launching your design contest!

Fonts to eat!?

As for fonts, the experience of 48HoursLogo shows that so-called “hand-written” fonts are widely used in the design of sweets logos.

Elegance, beauty, friendly approach, and sophisticated taste, but also an important concept of “home cooking”, all this is achieved by “hand-written” fonts.

Also, it is not uncommon to go for slightly more bombastic fonts, that is, “display” type of fonts, usually when the goal is to highlight the company and its corporate brand, rather than the products themselves.

As we have already mentioned, the peculiarity of this industry is that it is partly addressed to children and partly to adults, so often fonts have a pronounced line of “fun” and even comic, in order to communicate well with children.

Sweets Logo Design

What’s the sweetest type of logo!?

The form, that is, the type of logo that is most used, as the experience of 48HoursLogo shows, is the “badge logo“.

Often these badge logos are circular in shape.

Badge logos emphasize the strength of the manufacturer, that is, the business entity behind the brand, but also give the additional line and a kind of “brand” stamp to the products themselves. They are a good solution for the sweets industry, so probably a large number of them opt for the same.

In your design brief, don’t forget, if you like this form of logo, to highlight it and choose design samples on our site to help designers have the best idea of what you want.

You have the option to select similar design samples as part of the design contest launch process on our site. See the picture below!

Use the design samples to better describe your logo idea!
Use the design samples to better describe your logo idea!

What can you get in “the 48HoursLogo candy store”!?

We offer 3 logo packages priced at $129, $199, and $299 all-inclusive. You get custom designs from multiple designers, the logo copyright of the winning design you choose, and professional logo files.

Check out our Pricing Page for more details!

Our contest duration ranges from 1 to 5 days, but logo revision can take as long as you need. If you are in a hurry, we see people complete their projects in less than 5 hours.

When a design is submitted to your contest, you can communicate with the designer by leaving a message under the design entry letting the designer know how he/she can improve.

Most of our designers are devoted to their tasks in the best possible way making clients satisfied. Clear and friendly communication is making the whole process very easy and fun.

Standard Logo Package includes:

Professional Logo Files:

  • Full-Color Logo
  • High-Resolution JPG
  • Transparent PNG
  • Vectored PDF
  • Vector Source File

4 Brand Assets:

  • Black & White Logo
  • Design Mockups
  • Color Palette/Options
  • Logo Layout Options
How 48HoursLogo works?
Go for it!

In short, here is how the 48HoursLogo design contests work:

  • Fill out the design brief form and send a basic explanation to our designers!
  • Receive custom logo design options within minutes of launching your contest.
  • As soon as a design is submitted to your contest, you can communicate with the designer by leaving a message under the design entry letting the designer know how he/she can improve.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can select your finalist designer at any time. However, it’s recommended that you wait until the end of your contest and review all design submissions before selecting your finalists. During the open contest period, you can ask any designer for revisions by commenting under the design.
  • Declare the contest winner and receive your logo package with everything you need to build your brand while keeping the right to ask for design revisions even after you have declared your winner.
  • You get custom designs from multiple designers, the logo copyright of the winning design you choose, and professional logo files.

With 70,000+ customers and more than 5 million design solutions uploaded, 48HoursLogo is one of the top design crowdsourcing platforms on the Internet. Don’t wait a second more – launch your design contest!