The question we will address in this article is “when should you design a badge logo for your business”?

Design theorists point out that badge logos are usually suitable for solutions in the field of traditional, vintage, and retro design and when it comes to the need to express an element of “historical” in design. But, it seems that the badge logo concept is getting more and more popular in designing modern style concepts.

The badge logos can be found in various industries and spheres. From universities, sports, car brands, music industry, all the way to small indie companies, that is, we can say that there is no sphere of human activity where badge logos do not exist.

The badge logo – the metaphysical power of the idol!

At the very beginning of this article, we can state one thing. What serif fonts are among other fonts – badge logos are among other types of logos. 

That is, to be as precise as possible, serif fonts are mostly perceived as fonts that express strength and tradition, and most design theorists define the uniqueness and character of the badge logo in this way. Badge logos are related to the notions of strength, tradition, and one more special thing – the personal identification of people with a particular brand.

This is probably the greatest strength of the badge logo. The personal identification of people with a brand becomes the result if that brand uses the badge logo. It is about the strong psychological influence that badge logos have and that is how they differ from other logos. 

Badge Logos - Stella Artois, Lamborghini, Superman
Three we all know!

Badge logos have the power to result in a double effect. The first effect is the personal identification of people with a brand and the second effect is a sense of belonging to a certain community

If we can say that some type of logo has the power of what we call “emotional branding”, then it is badge logos. 

Badge logos impose themselves in people’s consciousness in such a way that people do not perceive brands with badge logos as products they buy and use, but as an idea, ideology, philosophy, way of life that they adopt, and through buying such a brand they become part of that brand and brand becomes the part of them.

Badge logos are having the power to give the brands a form and feeling of “iconic”.

Giving money for buying products of such brands in people’s minds is perceived as support for the brand, rather than it is perceived as something they have bought for mere use or some specific benefit.

It is simply a matter of strong identification and a sense of belonging that the form of the badge itself produces, and it is a metaphysical thing.

Badges have the hypnotic power to create a sense of pride and deep personal identification in people. Same thing is with the flags. Both flags and badges have tremendous emotional power.

As mentioned, the very shape and form of the badge logo have metaphysical and hypnotic power. The badge logo addresses directly and powerfully people with the power to call for action, for unity, for unification! 

The badge logo has the attitude of a leader, it can be said in a philosophical sense. And that’s one important trait to note because it’s an important part of the overall strength and psychological tremendous impact that badge logos have.

The badge logo says: “This brand is not something you can own, this is something you can only belong to!”

People always need a leader and people naturally gather around a leader, people create idols for themselves. Our history confirms it. The badge logo has just that – the attitude of the leader, the attitude of the idol. It emits such energy, it calls for it – people respond hypnotically and identify, awakening a sense of belonging. It is a deep psychological construct.

Badge Logos
Badge Logos

So, when should you design a badge logo for your business?

As we mentioned, we have cases where small and indie companies determine their design philosophy in the direction of having a badge form of the logo and depending on the nature of the brand it may be the right decision, but still, design theorists the concept of badge logo tie to the notion of tradition.

However, if, say, a newly established non-governmental organization that deals with ecology decides to have a badge logo with a socio-political meaning – that is quite appropriate because it is most sensible to send a stronger socially responsible message through a badge logo.

Despite the fact that design theorists mostly link the badge logo concept to the notion of history and tradition, its application is also wide in the sphere of modern style. It must be noted that the badge logo must not be left out or annulled in the sphere of modern concept design.

We can freely say that the badge logo can be a design solution for all those entities that need to build a community, that is, all those whose central goal is promotion, say, more ideas or ideologies related to the brand than directly the products themselves or the companies themselves.

In fact, if the idea is to promote a broader image of the brand or to create a broader image of the brand as a brand that has a higher, greater, and wider significance in society, life, culture, and the like – then the badge logo is a solution that will be comprehensive and purposeful.

This should be well thought out because sometimes a badge logo can be a weird thing, that is, a dysfunctional solution that will hinder the development of the brand, that is, omit important elements, that is, a badge logo can stifle another message and approach that would communicate much better with an adequate and desired target group.

The stylistic and functional compatibility of the brand’s nature with the visual concept, communication function, and common forms of badge logo is also important. Simply, there are repetitive patterns, so we often see badge logos in the automotive industry, in sports, at universities, etc. Certain industries and spheres are simply more compatible with a design solution that involves the use of a badge logo.

In the end, we will single out the most important things that should characterize the brand, so that the application of the badge logo solution will be purposeful and comprehensive, that is, let’s say – a complete success!

Here we go:

  • an element of tradition or “historical” in any sense
  • the need for a community-building approach
  • the need to emphasize and style the element of “strength”
  • an element of wider socio-cultural-political significance in the brand philosophy
  • the need to create a deeper and more direct psychological effect and influence on the target desired group
  • stylistic and functional compatibility of the nature of the brand with the communication function and visual concept, ie the visual form of the badge logo (circular, ovular, or triangular)

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