Ricks Picks March 2015 CoverOur Community Manager shares his favorite logo designs from the month of March. You’ll see well designed logos with character, meaning, and style. 

March was a very creative month at 48hourslogo.com. I’ve gotta say up top that I’m am very proud of the work from our Design Community. There were many highly artistic, well-designed logos produced last month. I can feel the excitement in my chest after going through the Testimonial Portfolio like this.

With “Rick’s Picks” I share my favorite logo designs from a particular month. I want to highlight the great work being done. Give a pat on the back to designers that are raising the bar. Inspire our customers by the range of design that can be achieved on our website. I’ve specifically chosen logos that have character, depth in meaning, or are shining examples of their specific style.

There are many designs to review each month. If someone did not make the list I do mean to imply that that are not worthy or talented. Some designs are simply more effective than others. Robert California (James Spader) from the US version of The Office summed up my feelings pretty well, I think.
“Let me tell you some things I find productive. Positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement. Honesty. I’ll tell you some thing I find unproductive. Constantly worrying about where you stand based on inscrutible social cues, and then inevitably reframing it all in a reassuring way so that you can get to sleep at night. No, I do not believe in that at all. If I invited you to lunch, I think you’re a winner. If I didn’t I don’t. But I just met you all. Life is long, opinons change. Winners, prove me right. Losers, prove me wrong.” -Robert California, watch here.

So if you are a designer who made the list, congratulations! Prove me right that you’re genuinely talented and not just a one-hit wonder. If you didn’t make the list, it’s nothing personal, prove me wrong next month.


Shaggy Dog Market by Ingepro
The shaggy dog illustration is adorable and easily to see. Plus I love how the top of the border is offset slightly.
Shaggy Dog Market Logo Design

Revy Riders by Coolwanz
Great imagery achieved with the mountains below the rider. Props for using red sparingly, it works well!
Revy Riders Dirtbike Club Logo Design
Kubbah Station by Mbok Sum
The colors are beautifully paired, but the illustration and unique crest stand out powerfully together.
Kubbah Station Logo Design

Wild Dogs and Catering by veron
Excellent illustration, very kid friendly. The bandana, hat, wood sign, font and star are all western themes that combine well.
Wild Dogs and Catering Logo Design

ALX Precision by igor1408
The effects are very well done in this logo, the grit, the fade on the gear, the shines and gradient – awesome.
ALX Precision Logo Design

Tops Rock Shop by Sorjen
Very fun layout with the letters, they rock and roll as you read them. The crystals at the top glow brilliantly!
Tops Rocks Shop Logo Design

Jack Black Magician by Coolwanz
The shades and shadows are the highlight of this logo. Very nice font choices, and symmetrical serifs on the “J” and “K.”
Jack Black Magician Logo Design

Riverside Luxury Vinyl Planks by JMikaze
I’m so glad to see JMikaze getting back into some contests this past month – this is why!
Riverside Logo Design

Envision Photography by denfransko
LOVE the colors, but more than that the style is captured perfectly. Fun handwritten font thats readable, unique tree, winning combination.
Envision Photography Logo Design

Righteous Freedom Yoga by megalogos
A lot of elements at play here, but the gradient from purple to orange is not overused. Everything falls into place nicely.
Righteous Freedom Yoga Logo Design

Toca da Gula Pizzaria by Smith1979
The pizza and brush swirls create an interesting graphic, would love to see this applied to the brand material!
Toca da Gula Pizzeria Logo Design

Relentless Defender Apparel by Ultimatum
Powerful image, my favorite part is how the spartan helmet completes the circle it interrupts.
Relentless Defender Apparel Logo Design
Raging Belles by Avatar
This illustration is beautifully done, the woman powerful yet friendly with her charming smile.
Raging Belles Logo Design
Hotrod Tattoo by Republik
Just NAILS the retro look, through the font, the colors, the triangles, the banner – love it!
Hotrod Tattoo Logo Design

Center for Creative Futures by gcreatives
Impressive use of color. The symmetry created in the text is attractive. Fun, original interpretation of the overlapping line buildings.

Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes by veron
The consistent hand drawn sketch lines are a beautiful compliment to the cute cupcakes on the shelf.
Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes Logo Design

Eastern Panhandle Crafters by foxcody
Finds a gorgeous balance with different fonts to create the hand-crafted feel. Love how it comes together with the colors.
Eastern Panhandle Crafters Logo DesignSweet Visions by Avatar
With that border you’ve got to look at this logo! The vector treats across the top look scrumptious!
Sweet Visions Customized Treats Logo Design

Extra Bikes by fornarel
Simplicity is hard to achieve at times, I am impressed at how the “e” and “b” are stylized with the bolt and immediately read bicycle. Very nicely done.
extrabikes.ie logo design

Paws on the Catwalk by littlejoemayo
There’s so many little nuanced things going right within this logo, something littlejoemayo excels at. Impeccable attention to detail paired with fun illustrations.
Paws on the Catwalk Logo Design

Brews & Views by Jelena
This is so interesting because it’s not symmetrical! It could have been, maybe should have been, but it’s not and it works so well!
Brews & Views Logo Design

Frawsome Sauce by Ingepro
When was the last time you were excited about something to dip you fries in? Mine was when I first saw this logo, and I’ve sworn off fries!
Frawesome Sauce Logo Design

Karta by Creativecorner
Love that there is room to breath in this logo. The sparring use of green pops with the dark grey. Professional and modern.
Karta Logo Design


I’ve seen some contest winners for the first few days of April. I can tell next month will be just as well as this one, if not more! Want to see more inspiring logo designs? Check out our previous list from February 2015!


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