24 Drone Logos That Take Your Business Higher!

If you\’re going into the ever expanding drone/UAV market, you\’ll need a standout logo! Check out these amazing UAV and drone logos already making an impact.

In 2013 we noticed a large increase in CrossFit logo designs. In 2014 it was drone logos! Now that some time has passed, our Design Community has created a beautiful portfolio of UAV and drone logos. Remote controlled vehicles have been around for decades. I sure you\’ve played with remote control cars as a kid. But recently technology has built up that pastime as a business.

Now companies are creating quad copters. It’s like a small helicopter, but with four main rotors for increased control and stability. What are they doing with this? Mounting cameras to them and getting amazing, one of a kind aerial shots. This tech combined with advances in remote photography allow photographers, youtubers, filmmakers, and viners get shots like never before. Don\’t believe me? Check out this list from LATimes.com of the best drone photos taken this past year.

The more professional ones are going by U.A.V.s, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Are you going into the drone business? Don’t skimp on the logo, we can help you get a professional looking UAV or drone logos specifically tailored to your company! Just check out these amazing drone logo designs that we’ve already done!


Drone Logos
Flyby Imagery
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Drone Logos
Fly Strong
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RedBlade Aerial
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DG Drones




As big as the web is, I was able to find some very unique UAV and drone logos from excellent designers. I think they do a good job showing a different perspective on quad-copter logos. They\’re used as silhouettes, full illustrations, and broken down to be minimal and abstract. It\’s a great variety that show range depending on what tone you would like your business to take.



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