Announcing New Contest: Vehicle Wraps!!!

Vehicle Wrap Contests CoverDo you want your business to make a huge splash in your local market? Start a vehicle wrap contest with us and get noticed with a moving billboard!

====== UPDATE ======

This article was published for humor as an April Fools joke. There are many factors that go into vehicle wrap designs that make it extremely difficult to do exclusively online. It’s best to measure an individual vehicle in person for precision. Each vehicle can have varying features in side of the makes and models. For that, a more hands on approach is best.

I have professionally designed and installed many vehicle wraps through print and sign shops in my area. I can attest that the files sizes for wraps in general are extremely large, especially if there are realistic textures and effects. It can be burdensome to send files those sizes online, even through sites like DropBox and Hightail. Vehicle wraps are also time consuming to lay out.

I tried to leave some “too good to be true” clues, such as the low increase in sales, free templates, and file upload size. I hope there’s no hard feelings, it’s my first attempt at an April Fools post.


A surefire way to get your business noticed is through vehicle wraps. Custom designed to feature your logo, business information, and products, wraps act as billboards that are always working. They go where you go, garnering attention as a moving advertisement.

Your design is printed from a wide format printer onto a vinyl material. That material is then laminated for added strength and protection. When the material is ready, it is applied by installers onto you vehicle. Neatly trimmed and wrapped to the contours of your specific vehicle, vehicle wraps are highly visible. Businesses that have used Vehicle Wraps in 2014 have all cited a 3.38-4.23% increase in overall sales!

Official 48hourslogo Conversion Van Wrap Concept
Official 48hourslogo Conversion Van Wrap Concept

To start, you need an amazing, eye-catching design. That’s where 48hourslogo can help. We are pleased to announce that starting in April we are now offering Vehicle Wrap Design contests!


You will find the Vehicle Wrap option under the “Start A Project” page, under the PRINT option. Simply fill out your brief, including the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and our Design Community will get to work bringing attention to your business! The Vehicle Wrap contests work just like our Logo Design contests, so if you’re already familiar with that you’re ready to go!

Vehicle Wraps Contests

There will be upload buttons on the brief where you can include a vector version of your logo design and any additional graphics you would like included.


Your workspace area should be no smaller than 660×500 pixels, max 1280×900 pixels. Because of the nature of wraps, you will be allowed to upload one side of each design. This means driver side view, passenger side view, rear view, front view, and top view if necessary.

Because some styles require more realistic visuals, use of raster graphics will be acceptable for Vehicle Wrap contests. Be sure it is created in high resolution so your final design files will print properly. Because there are many makes and models of vehicles, we’ve prepared a .zip file you can download that contains a variety of vehicles from the past ten years.

Download Vehicle Templates here.

The Final Design Package upload file size will be increased to 800MBs for these contests only. This will allow ample room for high resolution graphics.

We’re very excited to be branching out into this field of design! Adding Vehicle Wraps is a great extension to our customers and an added opportunity for our Design Community. We look forward to what will be created through this new extension of our contest services.