As 48hourslogo designer, you can not only join any crowdsourced logo contest of your choice, but also set up your own profile page for direct 1-on-1 hires and receiving tips directly from your personal portfolio page. Let me show you how to do all that in this article.

From Your Personal Portfolio Page

You can access your own portfolio page by clicking on your profile image → My Portfolio. All your winning designs, client reviews will be automatically shown here. If you are a newly registered designer, this page could be empty. But don’t worry, as you starts to accumulate design wins your page will look like one of our Top Designer Portfolios.

Client can 【Invite】【Tip】or 【Hire】directly from designer page

On the top of this page, you will find the 【Invite】,【Tip】and【Hire】button. Client can easily Tip, and Hire you from this page so it’s a good idea to share your portfolio page with potential clients. 

How does “Hire Me” actually works

When a client clicks on the 【Hire Me】button on your page, he will be prompted to enter a short task description, and you will be notified a new order shown below:

Based on the task, you can quote your client by clicking on the cash icon to enter your price for this job. 

Make sure you also attach a message with your price quote and click on the 【Send】button. Once the client makes the payment, you can start working. 

You can message your client and attach your work from the bottom of the order page. When you have attached your work, select “✅ Order delivered” so the client will be asked to confirm and finish the project. Once a project is confirmed, you will receive your order payment minus 20% commission for the platform.

How to enable my “Hire Me” Option?

You must have 10 or more contest wins in order to activate the “Hire Me” option. From your setting page to enable this option and all you had to do is turn it on and checkbox the services that you can offer. 

Enable direct hire option for 48hourslogo designers

Once you have enabled the “Hire Me” option, you are encourage to share your personal portfolio page so potential clients can easily hire and tip you from this page. Together with your actual client reviews and work portfolio, this can be a very effective way to get more jobs for your creative talents.