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Faith Family Recovery Center
Jessica, I appreciate your time and talent. My client is in love with this logo! I will let you know if we need you to design a business card or other items.
Derwin Services Llc
Scolessi was very easy to work with and creative. I love the logo and all of the attention to details that i was hoping for.
Trustbridge Care
We are very pleased with your design and patience with us during our revisions. We will be in touch for future work. Thank you, Christy
Sea Serpent / Akurra Watersports
Thank you for all the work and detail in the image. I hope you continue to work with me in expanding this logo for business cards, letters, websites, vehicle wraps.
Bronzy Beetch
Extremely fast response time and every change was executed without hardship or tons of direction. I couldn't recommend a better designer!
Event Delay
Thank you for your hard work! Very sorry for the delay, we thought we confirmed this project.

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