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They choose 48hourslogo because how easy and affordabel it is to create a custom logo.

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Odyssey 7
Very responsive and took all of the feedback I was giving and allowed me to see different options. Highly suggest!
Air Avenue
Overall awesome experience thank you very much for being patient and doing a great job. Have a blessed day
Peaceful Crossing
Thank you for your work. I love that you managed to convey all the aspects of this very emotional business: the animal, the love, the journey, the path, and the gentleness and peace. Amazing.
Hannah Legacy Group
Thank you for being very prompt and providing many options. You were great to work with.
Dermaide Aloe Cream
Hafid was fantastic to work with! He quickly made the modifications that we needed and I would use him again any time!!
Bellydancer & The Beach
XyloParadise perfectly (and quickly!) designed my logo with the descriptions I submitted. I am very happy with my new logo!

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