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How to Become A Designer at 48hourslogo

48hourslogo is a fast growing design contest website. We connect freelance graphic designers with business owners needing new Logo, Website, or Print designs. With more than 30 logo contests starting everyday, we are always looking for talented designers to join our team.

Register Your Designer Account

Go to and you will see the following popup window. Click on the [Sign up with Facebook] button to begin your designer registration process.

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You must register with your Facebook account in order to sign up as a designer

Complete Your Designer Test

After registering, you will be presented with a logo design test. Please make sure you read the design brief and submit your design in a 800×600 image file with your logo design centered in the middle of the image. 

In addition, you need to write a short paragraph describing your design and your past design experience. Our moderator will review your application and notify you whether your application pass or failed.

Waiting for approval

Our moderator will review designer applications everyday and approve quality applications. If you application didn’t get approved within a few days, that means it’s very mediocre and we haven’t made a decision. What you can do is click open your design and submit more designs to demonstrate your skills.

If you are desperate to know why your application hasn’t been approved, you can also contact admin by visiting designer forum page.

Setting up your designer account

As the new lever 1 designer, you are free to join any open contests. But before you do that, we suggest you go to the setting page and complete your intro, and also upload your name and signature.

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Good luck!