Welcome to 48hourslogo. Here are a few basic tips and rules to help you get started.

Join Design Contests

Once approved, you can join any open contests. The countdown timer next to each contest shows the amount of timing remaining for the open concept stage. Once the open stage ends, only the finalist designers can continue to submit to that contest.

One useful feature is to click again on the【OPEN↓】button to sort all contests based on time remaining.

Submit Your Design

To upload your design, go to the DESIGN tab of the contest and click on the upload link. The required image size for logo contests is 800×600 JPG. For all other contests, the image size need to be 1200×900 JPG

Please make sure your design is centered in the image with sufficient spacing around it. Do not upload mockups or put multiple designs in this first image. Keep it clean with only your design and do not add borders or gradients on the background either. You can include a short design description to help client better understand your creation.

Design Variations & Mockups

After you have submitted your main design, you can click it open and submit design variations and mockups if you like. 

You can upload multiple files at once to showcase your design in different colors, variations, and mockups.

Design variation & mockups is optional. If you have multiple designs that are similar, please upload behind the main entry as design variations. Do not flood the contest with multiple design entries that are very similar!

Designer Code of Conduct

After you understand how to submit to our design contest. There are a few rules and guidelines you need to follow:

  1. Do not copy or use clip-art

See our “LOGO COURT” for more details.

  1. Do not discuss any payment or violation issues with client

Please report such problems in the designer forum. Do not discuss such issue in the contest area

  1. Do not leave your contact information

Instead, you can leave your personal portfolio page link if the client needs to contact you.

  1. Do not ask for tips

Clients have the option to tip when giving reviews. Do NOT ask for it!

  1. Be polite and professional

Be kind and polite to clients and your fellow designers. Bad language is not allowed!

Again, welcome to be part of the 48hourslogo family. Good Luck!!!