Vintage Logo Design Contests
Vintage Logo Design Contests
Vintage style requires a special approach to design, and in combination with modern aesthetics, it is often a top style solution for a wide range of industries and markets.

Here are some of the vintage logo design contests from our platform. We hope that these selected examples will be useful both for those who want to create their new logo and for designers who are facing the challenge of creating a vintage (or retro-styled) logo. Enjoy!

Lumberjack Camping Co. Logo Design Contest

Lumberjack Camping Co.

Lumberjack Camping Co. is a vintage-inspired outdoor apparel and accessories company. Their target is people who enjoy camping, RVers, backcountry living, cabin life, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The client emphasized that it is very important to keep the logo vintage-looking.

We like the rustic and vintage vibe for our branding, the client wrote in the design brief.

We like the idea of the axes/Lumberjack and fire/forest incorporated into a crest somehow, it’s explained additionally to uploaded design samples. 

Two logo layouts were also requested. A logo crest for branding goods and a separate Lumberjack logo to use on the website as a welcome mascot.

Good instructions are valuable to designers. Good instructions in the design brief are making the creative process better resulting in bigger numbers of applied designers and creative solutions.

The client received 64 creative logo designs on the 48HoursLogo design crowdsourcing platform. The client chose one winning solution but also bought another design solution that he especially liked. 

Winning Logo Design Solution

The winner of this logo design contest was Benok

The logo is exactly as it is defined in the design brief. It can be noticed that it is a logo in vintage style, but it contains modern aesthetics.

The required logo elements are perfectly matched, and the font power is maximized. The font is more modern than vintage but perfectly blended into the vintage concept.

The logo communicates clearly and is very pleasing to the eye.

Some of the other solutions…

Finley Logo Design Contest


The canvas outdoor gear and equipment. The client had a clear design brief with a very well-presented idea of what kind of solution he wanted.

Finley is about vintage-styled backpacks, haversacks, pouches, rucksacks, etc. as well as eventually a variety of traditionally styled camping equipment such as knives, mess kits, axes, etc. The target audience is the Bushcraft sector, as well as those interested in minimalist and traditionally styled outdoor equipment.

Most of the products, the client describes, will feature earth-colored tan and green canvas, leather, and antiqued brass hardware, but always a traditional “Grandfathers camping gear” sort of feeling.

In addition to “the design brief”, visual examples were uploaded, and reference samples were added. The designers received a clearly defined creative framework from the client and this is very important for the overall creative result. This is the essence of any good design brief. 

Finley received 120 creative solutions from our designers.

Winning Logo Design Solution

The winner of this contest was mikha01

Excellent badge logo form. Stylishly perfectly blended fashion vintage branding and modern style of expression, and as a badge logo carries the energy of “corporate strength”

Visually great, very eye-catchy.

It is basically simple, and the black and white combination is properly dosed. Sophisticated look. The composition of the elements in the chosen shape is great.

Some of the other solutions…

Bennys Speed Shop Logo Design Contest

Bennys Speed Shop
Bennys Speed Shop

It’s a business of restoring and/or building vintage, classic, exotic cars from the ground up.

The client simply explained the elements he would like to see in the logo, and that is his dog, the type of vehicle that can possibly be seen, etc. He especially pointed out that it would not be bad to see Las Vegas NV.

Bennys Speed Shop received 90 logo designs. It is especially interesting that the client, in addition to the chosen winning solution, bought seven more logo solutions that he liked. 

Winning Logo Design Solution

The winner of this logo design contest is Blessed Graphic

Graphically oriented solution with a particularly interesting, unusual, but very attractive color choice. Vintage style at the top level.

Some of the other solutions…

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