Brand identity design is a set of visual design elements surrounding your logo in order to achieve a consistent and professional image of your brand. When creating your logo project, you can specify a list of brand identity designs to be also included. Or, if you already have the logo, you can also design brand identities based off your current logo

What is considered as brand identity design

Brand identity design can include many different things. The most common brand identity is matching business card, letterhead and envelope design. At 48hourslogo, we have 3 category of brand identity designs you can choose:

Selecting the brand identity designs you need at 48hourslogo


  • Business card
  • Letterhead & envelope

Social Media:

  • Profile image
  • Facebook cover
  • Twitter header
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn banner


  • Label
  • T-shirt
  • Banner
  • Car/truck wrap
  • PowerPoint
  • Stickers
  • Signage

Other brand identities

Like we have mentioned before, brand identity is part of our graphic design services and can include many different things. If you need something not listed above, you can simply click on the +Add link to create your own.

Add and specify your own brand identity design

Brand identity design pricing

Our brand identity design pricing package starts from $99 and you can select any 2 items you need designed. If you select more, each additional brand identity item is just $50 more.

Brand identity design price from $99

Do I have to have a logo first?

If you are creating a new brand, we recommend our Logo + Brand Identity Package where you can select a list of brand identity items to be included. We will start your project with logo design and later launch your brand identity project AFTER you have completed your logo.  

Choose matching brand identity design for your logo project

However, if you already have a logo and only wish to create brand identities based on the current logo, you can choose our Brand Identity Package, upload your current logo, and select the brand identities you need.

Upload your logo for matching brand identity design

Selecting the designer for your brand identity project

During the initial concept stage, multiple designers will submit brand identity designs based on your brief. Their design submissions will not include all the brand items for your project but should give you pretty good ideas about the style and quality of their design. Based on the initial submissions, you should choose a finalist designer that you want to work with and he/she will deliver the complete set of brand identities specified in your project.