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Make Your Brand Successful With a Powerful Visual Identity

Branding and visual identity are often used interchangeably because many think that they have the same meaning and function. However, these two are not the same! 


Brand Identity Designs Made Easy

Brand identity design is a set of visual design elements surrounding your logo in order to achieve a consistent and professional image of your brand. When creating your logo project, you can specify a list of brand identity designs to be also included. Or, if you already have the logo, you can also design brand identities based off your current logo

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Introducing Logo + Brand Identity Design Contest Bundle

Since 2010, 48hourslogo has completed more than 40,000 logo contests with over 3 million logos submitted by our designers. Today, in addition to logo contests, we are introducing a new type of design contest for brand identities such as business card, stationery, T-shirt and social media cover designs.