One of the most significant elements your company must have is a logo. If your company were a human, the logo would be its face—this is why effective logo design is so important. Whatever you and your graphic designer come up with, make sure it represents your brand well and stays as your logo for years.

Most successful companies have logos that stick to the consumer, and that’s what you should aim for your logo too. You want people to know your company just by seeing the logo. When you create a custom logo, you’ll need to keep in mind that your brand identity is not only an image, but it also carries the message behind your company. Some notable companies with excellent logo designs are Nike, Apple, and Target. One look at their logos and you know what their company is about. 

How do you make your logo scream everything you want your consumers to know about your company? What elements should you look out for? Here’s what you must remember when you create your logo design:

Text, image, or both?

When you’re finally meeting with your graphic designer, the first thing they’re going to ask is your company’s story and vision. You and your graphic designer will start a collaboration on creating your company’s brand identity. Depending on your company’s story, you’ll have to decide whether you want your logo design to be in text form, image only, or both.

Choosing the right logo type for your brand

What you want to consider here is flexibility. You want to make sure that whatever you’re choosing will fit any marketing content or PR tools you’ll use for your company. 

Take a spin on the color wheel. Where does it land?

Now that you have your bases down, it’s time to choose your logo colors. Here’s where it gets pretty fun—you will have to think in a somewhat scientific manner in the most fun way when choosing colors for your brand.

logo color wheel

Colors can influence a consumer into making a decision. When you pick colors for your logo design, you’ll want to think which colors fit your company profile. Take into consideration what kind of image you want consumers to see when they look at your brand identity. Is your company focused on being dependable? You can use blue. Is your company focused on health and growth? Green should do the trick.

How does your overall design make you feel?

As you’re finishing the logo design, zoom out and look at its entirety. Does it help convey the message of your company? Don’t worry about changing up design as you move closer to the finished products. Usually, light bulb moments happen when you zoom out and look at the design as a whole.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself a question that describes your company and see if it follows the design. If your brand’s image is fun and lively, your logo must convey that message using quirky fonts and colors. If your brand is based on trust and dependability, use a serif font and dark bold colors like black or navy blue.


It’s good to keep in mind that design changes as you get closer to the finished product. Making your logo involves a lot of thinking outside the box and research to create the most effective brand identity. Creating a logo design is such a fun activity when you can get creative logo ideas from designers around the world. If you are ready to create an effective logo design for your business? Check out where you can create logos, design brand identities, and build your awesome brand.