Congratulations on winning the logo design contest. Next step is to prepare and upload the logo package file for your client. Please take the following process to ensure a smooth delivery.

Update The Winning Design

If you have done some final design revisions, make sure you update the winning design with the final version. You can do this by click open the winning design entry then the [Update] button to upload the updated logo file. This final version will also be reflected in the Logo Copyright Certificate which client can download.

Prepare Logo Package File

Your basic logo package file should be a standard zip file containing the following items:

  • High resolution JPG (1024×768)
  • PNG with transparent background(1024×768)
  • Vector source file (AI or EPS)

Additional Brand Documents

Based on the logo package, you will see a list of brand documents you need to include in your zip file

Include required brand documents for your project

Budget logo package

In addition to the standard logo files, please include the following 3 basic brand documents

  • Black & White logo: Arrange both version on the same image
  • Design Mockup: Create a logo mock that matches well with the brand. You can also create several mockups and fit into one page
Black & White logo

Standard logo package

2 additional brand document files are required for this package

  • Color Palette/Options: This page should include brand colors; You can also include the single colored version of the logo on this page
  • Logo Layout Options: Present both horizontal and vertical logo layout options so client can easily apply depending on the situation
Brand colors

Premium logo package

2 more brand document images are required for premium package:

  • Iconography/Favicon: Separate and extract logo design icon to be used as Favicon or social media profile
  • Brand Guideline: This is flexible. You can include Dos & Don’t; Minimum size and clear spacing; or anything that you think is valuable
Extracted logo icon

More logo package examples

Logo mockup that matches well with the brand
3 logo mockup on one page