Logo Tips

How to prepare logo design package to impress your clients

Congratulations on winning the logo design contest. Next step is to prepare and upload the logo package file for your client. Please take the following process to ensure a smooth delivery.

Confirm any final logo revisions

Before preparing your logo package file, please check to see if the client has any final revision requests. If so, please upload your revisions as new design entries and get a confirmation before uploading your logo package file.

Upload logo supporting images

Logo supporting images help to present your logo design in a professional manner. Based on the logo package, you will see a list of images you need to create and upload. Take this opportunity to be creative and develop your logo presentation skills. A well presented logo can certainly impress your client, earn you a 5 star review and even a tip from the client.

Upload required supporting images as instructed

Budget logo package

You will need to upload the following 3 basic logo supporting images

  • Transparent PNG: Logo in PNG format with transparent background
  • Black & White logo: Arrange both version on the same image
  • Design Mockup: Create a logo mock that matches well with the brand. You can also create several mockups and fit into one page
Black & White logo

Standard logo package

2 additional supporting images is included in this package

  • Color Palette/Options: This page should include brand colors; You can also include the single colored version of the logo on this page
  • Logo Layout Options: Present both horizontal and vertical logo layout options so client can easily apply depending on the situation
Brand colors

Premium logo package

2 more supporting images for premium package:

  • Iconography/Favicon: Separate and extract logo design icon to be used as Favicon or social media profile
  • Brand Guideline: This is flexible. You can include Dos & Don’t; Minimum size and clear spacing; or anything that you think is valuable
Extracted logo icon

Upload logo package file

After you have uploaded required logo supporting images, you are allowed to upload your logo package file. This should be a standard zip file containing the following items.

  • High resolution JPG and PNG
  • Black & White logo
  • Vectored PDF
  • Vector source file

Please make sure your supporting images designs are also included here in case the client wants to make future modifications.

Notes about professional logo delivery

Delivering your logo design in a professional and creative manner is a key attribute of a good logo designer. We encourage you to practice and learn. We will share some cool logo ideas and useful templates in the designer forum for everyone to learn and take inspirations from. 

Client have the option to tip for a well deliver design

We will also automatically generate a brand PDF file from your supporting images. This often impresses the client and results in a good review and even tips. We want our designers to learn on our platform and improve their skills. In order to recognize top performing designers, your designer level will also depend on your review and total amount of tips received.

More logo package examples

Logo mockup that matches well with the brand
3 logo mockup on one page