Designer FAQs

Making money as 48hourslogo designers

As 48hourslogo designers, you can earn money in multiple ways. In this article, we will explain different designer income streams and how you can set up your account to maximize your earnings.

Design Contest Prize

Design contest prize is released automatically to your account balance when the client confirms your design package file and it is subject to a 20% platform commission.

Finalist Payment

You will receive a finalist payment when you are selected as a finalist in a contest. The actual finalist payment is dependent on your designer level as follow:

L1: $3
L2: $6
L3: $10

Additional Design Purchase

After declaring the winner, contest holders are also given the option to purchase other non-winning design entries directly from corresponding designers. Designers can enable this option from their setting page by setting up a sale price for their non-winning designs.


When writing a review or from designer portfolio page, client can send you a tip for job well done. You will receive the tip immediately without any fees or deductions. 

When you receive a tip notification, it’s important to click on the message and reply with a thank you note.

1-on-1 Direct Hire

Direct hire allows clients to hire you for any specific task. You will be able to send a price quote based on the actual requirements. Find out more about our 1-on-1 direct hire feature>

Design Gigs

You can create a design gig in our creative marketplace. It could be anything from logo animation to social media design creations. Find out more about our design gig features>

Withdraw Your Money

We currently support withdraw to PayPal account. Click on your profile image → My money → Withdraw.

Make sure your PayPal account is correct and you should receive your money within 48 hours of you making the withdraw.

If you love designing and like to practice your creative skills while making money, signup as 48hourslogo designer today!