Welcome to the official 48hourslogo coupon and promo page. We will keep this page updated with all our current offers.

We notice there are lots of other websites offering 48hourslogo coupons and discount codes. Well, they don’t work. Use the following code to get up to $50 OFF your design packages.

48hourslogo coupon code for up to $50 OFF

How to apply coupon code?
Go to the 48hourslogo pricing page and select your desired design package (this code works for ALL packages). Enter your design brief and click on the save and continue button. When you see the following payment popup window, click on the link below to enter the coupon code.

When the code is valid, you will notice the discounted price shown above. Select your preferred payment method and launch your design project.

Coupon discount amount
48hourslogo offers 3 types of design packages. This code is able to save

  • $10 OFF Budget Package
  • $20 OFF Standard Package
  • $50 OFF Premium Package

Feel free to contact us if for some reason this coupon doesn’t work for you.

Happy Designing!