Some online logo contest websites have given the industry a bad reputation by plagiarizing existing logos, accepting clip-art logo designs, and hindering client – designer communication. So how does 48hourslogo compare to these claims? Let’s find out…

We know that we weren’t the first logo contest site on the web. We appreciate the path that others have paved before us. But being the first, they allowed some practices that have given a bad reputation to online logo contests in general, some continuing on to this day. When 48hourslogo was founded, the original team wanted to address these concerns in how they conduct business with their site.

We’re going to take look at five of the most common complaints about logo contest, and what 48hourslogo does to remedy the situation. Trust is important in any business. We want you to know when you work with 48hourslogo and our Design Community, you are connected with people that you can trust with your graphic design needs.

1. Plagiarism

Too many times small business logo design using online logo contest ended up with a logo that was already in use somewhere else. This was done unknowingly by the entrepreneur. A “designer” submitted something that was too closely inspired to an established logo. So close, that the business could face lawsuits for confusing the marketplace. This has led to the idea that using an online logo contest could get you a plagiarized logo.

Taking this very seriously, checks were put into place to make sure no one holding an online logo contest with 48hourslogo receives any plagiarized work. We change our blind contests to open contests once finalists are selected. This allows our staff to review all submissions and report any violations. As an added bonus, our Design Community is also allowed to report these violations. If one is detected, it is removed quickly so the contest can continue with only original submissions.

2. Clip-art Use

The accusation goes that designers are working quickly, so they use clip-art to speed up their submissions. Clip-art use is perceived negatively because other businesses have access and rights to the same thing, and could use parts of your logo in theirs if clip-art is used.

Everyone in the Design Community is discouraged from using clip-art in their design submissions. We understand some design elements can be complicated, and use of clip-art may be desired to complete a complicated piece. We only allow this if there are modifications to the original clip-art so that it’s not like it was originally created. This ensures that there are not clip-art logo designs submitted to our contests, and you don’t receive a logo that someone else can easily replicate.

3. Poor Communication With Designers

The idea goes that there is little or insufficient communication with designers working on your logo, so how can they know what you want?

48hourslogo has created many options for entrepreneurs to communicate with our Design Community. Foremost is the ability to message one another on individual submissions in any contest. You can leave them feedback or requests, and designers can respond accordingly. There is also a Message Board on the right side of each contest so you can address everyone looks at your contest page. You can update this with preferences, dislikes, or new ideas. Of course, when filling out the logo brief you can include instructions for anyone entering your contest, or update it during the contest if anything changes.

If you take a look at our Testimonial Page, you will find many past clients specifically mention having good communication with our Design Community.

4. Unprofessional Designers

It was once written that someone designing your logo on an online logo contest site could be anyone from a design firm in Log Angeles to a grandma in Nashville. What does your grandma know about designing logos? (no offense, it’s just that grandma’s aren’t the stereotype for creative professionals)

While other boast at having hundreds of thousands of designers at their disposal to enter your logo contest, how many of them are really any good at logo design? At 48hourslogo we have a concise and dedicated team that have been tested at their competency. We don’t let just anyone in to boost our numbers. We want to make sure the submission you receive are serious contenders, keeping you from wading through many poor designs to get to the good ones.

5. No Research

With the time limit on many online logo contest sites, there’s not proper time for research into your specific industry. Research is done to find out what competitors have done, who your audience is and what they enjoy.

The fact is, many in our specific Design Community come from a variety of design, technical, and art backgrounds. Just check out any of our Featured Designer articles. Plus, they work in logo contests on such a regular basis that they carry an up-to-date knowledge of trends in logo design and certain industries. As an added bonus, we’ve published monthly re-caps of important logo news. This allows designers and business owners alike to see what’s been in the news.

Online Logo Contest

48hourslogo has taken steps to make sure we’re not just offering crowdsourced logo design, but our process can produce the results that our clients expect. You won’t find plagiarized logo designs from our designers. There’s no clipart use to give you a generic logo. We’ve created a variety of ways for you to communicate with our Design Community. Time was taken to make sure they are competent and creative, saving you wasted time sifting through sub-par designs.

I believe you should then be aware of what steps 48hourslogo has taken to stand above this complaints. We are proud to be an affordable logo design site you can trust, and we’re going to continue refine and improve our logo design process to built lasting business partnerships with our clients.