I will show you in this short article how to identify fonts from logos for free.

Have you ever seen fonts that you like on logos, and you didn’t know how to identify them?

Asking graphic designers about the font you like can do the trick, but rarely. It is very hard to identify fonts without using a powerful and professional tool, or without being a font expert with many years of experience.

And if you go on forums, each user will have an opinion. 

This is not working very well.

That is why I am writing this article. Now (for several years actually), there is a simple to use and free tool that will help you identify all the fonts you like, from logos and any picture.

You need the following to use this tool:

– $0 – Yes, the tool I will teach you to use is 100% free.

– No registration – They don’t ask you for your email and your contact details.

– And no experience – The tool is so well made and intuitive that you can use it right away, without reading a tutorial or watching a video.

It is so simple that any person who knows how to take a picture with a phone or computer, and to use a mouse, can do it with success.

Before I show you how to identify fonts from logos, I want to tell you why you should learn this skill and how it helps you.

Why identify fonts from logos and other places?

Identifying logo fonts is important for:

– Web designers

– Graphic designers

– Web developers

– Blog owners

– Shop owners that work with printed materials (T-shirts and other stuff)

– Font lovers

– And probably many others

Anyone who works with fonts will love to identify fonts.

Whenever you see a font that you like, you will use this tool that I will show you right away, and you will identify the font for free, in under 1 minute.

After that, you will use the font that you just identified in your projects.

How to identify fonts from logos for free

The name of the tool that you will use to identify fonts for free is WhatFontIs.

This is the most popular, appreciated, and useful font identifier on the market. If you think that these are just big empty words, do your own research and waste your time to find out the real truth, which is the one I just presented to you.

WhatFontIs is unique in the industry because:

– It has the largest database of fonts with over 790k fonts.

– The software is the only one capable of identifying both free and paid fonts. 

– For each identified font, you will get 60+ free and paid font alternatives. Imagine that you identify a font that costs $500 and you don’t want to pay this amount, but you want the font. With this feature, WhatFontIs will show you alternative fonts that are much cheaper or even free.

And these are just a small part of the strong points of the software.

In addition, keep in mind that with WhatFontIs, you can identify fonts from any image or website (to identify fonts from websites you will have to install the WhatFontIs Extension for Google Chrome.

The simple guide to identify fonts

It is very simple to use WhatFontIs to identify fonts.

Here is how.

So you see a logo with a font that you like. 

Step 1 – You take a picture with your phone or computer.

Step 2 – Upload the image on WhatFontIs website.

Step 3 – Crop the text

Step 4 – Optimize the image if needed

Step 5 – Insert characters identified by the software

That is all.

Right after, you will get the following information:

– Name of the font that you wanted to identify

– If it is free or paid.

– The price.

– Where to get it from – download link included.

– 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

So as you just saw, it is super simple to identify fonts with WhatFontIs.

And again, don’t forget that with WhatFontIs you can identify fonts for free, as many as you want, from any picture.


WhatFontIs is the font identifier that you will use each time you need to identify logo fonts and come up with creative logo ideas.