Warren Buffett once said a very interesting thing about business success. “Take everything I have, just leave me my people and I will achieve the same success very soon.” Indeed, people are the greatest value of any company. In this article, we will analyze this topic through the prism of the benefits of the design crowdsourcing process.

Every creative agency strives for better and higher-quality human resources. Large companies are investing millions of dollars in order to improve employment processes and organize more innovative and better ways to reach better and more creative people. Design crowdsourcing platforms enable just that, reaching as many creative people as possible, that is, creative designers, and that is the strength of these platforms.

In one of the previous articles, we dealt with this topic by looking at the whole thing from the angle of benefits that design crowdsourcing platforms bring to clients, ie buyers of design services. We will now look at it from the point of view of agencies that offer design services and what are the benefits that an agency can have by using a design crowdsourcing platform.

Multiply, empower, accelerate!

The first step in approaching any design task and job is “brainstorming”. The team gathers and then exchanges all ideas, views and thoughts about the given task. Design Crowdsourcing platform allows you to have this process multiplied. Instead of, say, five creative minds, you have fifty creative minds thinking and devising a design concept, that is, solving a design rebus of a given task.

To be honest, even the best creative team comes to moments and situations of stagnation and creative blockade. The Design Crowdsourcing platform drastically reduces the risk of this happening. In that sense, the crowdsourcing platform is a “must-have” thing for any serious creative agency. As we state in the title of this article – crowdsourced design is a bonus power!

If we look at inspiration as a creative capital, which it is, your creative potential and capital will be drastically increased by using the crowdsourcing platform. You will have a far wider range of design concepts and ideas at your disposal. Quite simply, 50 heads are smarter and more creative than 5 people. It is unlikely that this will not be the case.

Design Crowdsourcing
Get the job done in the best and fastest possible way!

The next benefit that can be talked about is speed. Accelerate the design process. A wide range of ideas requires time to be translated into concretely visible design concepts or at least to be sketched. In the case of the crowdsourcing platform, you will have realized displays, sketches, and in most cases ready-made acceptable solutions to which you may not have to add or subtract anything. Incomparably faster. Also, there is not much to explain – for what 50 people can do in one day, a team of five people will need 10 days.

Don’t be insane – crowdsource the design!

Every creative agency should use the design crowdsourcing platform as an additional force and an instrument to avoid any risk, by which we mean the main risk, and that is not coming up with the best design solution. The risk of missing the opportunity to use all available potentials and activate them in the design process. And that unavoidable potential is definitely design crowdsourcing.

It is important to point out here that even less experienced designers often awaken inspiration that is no less than ingenious – do not miss the chance for as much inspiration as possible! And there is no need to talk about the power that is activated when hiring a large group of experienced designers.

Finally, we note an important thing that shows how insane it is not to use a design crowdsourcing platform, and that is the affordability of such platforms. In our case, 48hourslogo.com, you only need $199 for the standard most popular package, and even for the premium package, the price is only $299. Affordability along with the simplicity of the whole process are the things that make avoiding a crowdsourcing platform an absolute failure for any creative agency.

Speaking of the simplicity of the design crowdsourcing process, here’s a simple overview of its benefits, and how the launching of a design contest on our platform actually works:

  • Receive custom logo design options within minutes of launching your contest.
  • As soon as a design is submitted to your contest, you can communicate with the designer by leaving a message under the design entry letting the designer know how he/she can improve.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can select your finalist designer at any time. However, it’s recommended that you wait until the end of your contest and review all design submissions before selecting your finalists. During the open contest period, you can ask any designer for revisions by commenting under the design.
  • Declare the contest winner and receive your logo package with everything you need to build your brand while keeping the right to ask for design revisions even after you have declared your winner.
  • You get custom designs from multiple designers, the logo copyright of the winning design you choose, and professional logo files.

With 70,000+ customers and more than 5 million design solutions uploaded, we are one of the top design crowdsourcing platforms on the Internet. Don’t wait a second more – launch your design contest!