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    Bobo's Budz
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    Im opening a cannabis retail store, I want to see a variety of designs for my business card and signage for my Bobos Budz logo. Also show me optional promotional stamp cards as well. For the info page on the business card I'm wanting to put the Name of the person, their title/position, address of store, phone number, website and Instagram page. I also want to see incorporated into the card faded/perforated lines where people have the option to tear the card and use it as rolling paper (this is just one idea). For signage, make different signs for a Now Open Sign. Get creative using the logo as well as the star and crown. I want the business card and signage to look unique and on point, wow me!

    Business card

    Note: Based on the design concepts submitted, Contest holder will select 1 winning designer to complete ALL selected brand identities

  • Client645639 months ago
    Along with business cards, I need a Bobos Budz sign that says Now Open
  • Client645639 months ago
    I want to see more creative business card designs
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