Capabilities Statement Design for Zen Federal LLC

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    Capabilities Statement Design for Zen Federal LLC
    Zen Federal LLC needs a Capabilities Statement that reflects the current design of our website,, and all the core data similar to what is reflected in this example. I have attached our details in a document so that it can be used for the design and mockup if helpful. Here are the colors of the Zen logo to integrate into the design: Red: 159/63/63 Green: 84/135/121 Green 2: 112/170/66 Light blue: 64/187/236 Gray:  103/103/103 I have uploaded two examples of federal government capabilities statements that appeal to our team, we really like the "DC"/ Federal Government flavor and professionalism of these styles, but are looking for creativity & style for our own brand.
    Capabilities Statement Content.pdf
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    jboroday22 days ago
    Niq, we had asked that the SDVOB logo be removed and it was still on the last download zip images.
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    jboroday22 days ago
    This is the correct logo, the other SDVOB and WOSB logos are incorrect. our apologies, I was just provided the correct one. This is a screenshot but any google search can get you a better image. It's the EDWOSB logo.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.37.11 PM.png
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    jboroday16 days ago
    Hello we are still waiting for the corrected capabilities statement with the corrected logo and corrected typos.
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