In 1948, De Beers, a diamond company established in 1888, added the tagline “A diamond is forever.” to their corporate identity. Why, after six decades of sensational success, would their marketing position change?

De Beers was, and still is for many, the benchmark of quality diamonds in an uber-competitive jeweler landscape. Even so, they knew something had to distinctly separate them from the masses. Nearly 70 years later, the tagline “a diamond is forever” is embedded in the diamond logo international jewelry lexicon representing quality and craftsmanship.

Taglines are created for dramatic effect, especially when De Beers and diamonds are the subjects. Much like Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline, some words create a more memorable marketing application than others. Not all companies need a tagline, while some benefit exponentially from their existence. Where does this leave you? Should your logo design include a tagline?

Taglines benefits
Taglines can be awesome!

Examining the Necessity of a Tagline

While your logo is the headlining representative of your company and an important part of who you will become as a result, taglines can help convey your overall purpose.

A tagline can come to life with a few compelling words that represent the most important benefit, advantage, or distinction your company offers. But is it necessary? Possibly.

We have discussed what makes a truly great logo, and a tagline isn’t exactly a necessity for everyone. However, it has made a difference in how designers approach your objective.

Let’s say two different people seek a logo design and approach a competitive design service to deliver results.

“Mark’s Tax Service” essentially sells itself as a company that prepares taxes. However, “Megan’s Designs” does not deliver a precise explanation of what Megan does, considering the scores of potential design disciplines available.

A tagline would help Megan’s logo come to life, and present a solution to a need. Simply by adding a combination of words that enhance her logo, and describing what she does, her target audience will have a quick understanding of what she has to offer. Megan’s Designs would need a tagline. Does your company need one?

Don’t Complicate the Process

Logos with taglines are often overlooked because they seem complicated. We understand. It’s hard to decide which word or phrase is going to advance your logo. This ideology can easily be debunked in the following examples.

Property Pawn

Epic Grove
Lawn Care

Each of these examples showcases a tagline’s exact purpose. A tagline is an extension of your logo, defining what your company represents. Reinforcing your brand and communicating a lasting impression can be effectively designed using simple words or phrases. No complications necessary.

Investigate Your Options

If you aren’t sure whether a tagline is right for you, consider what you are trying to convey with your logo.

The logo that represents an individual, company, product, service or social group must communicate its exact purpose. You have a company name and need a physical representation to drive home your intention. Logos provide a superior opportunity to sum up your identity with a wordmark, picture or abstract image.

Taglines can make a magnificent addendum to your logo ensuring a concise and impactful explanation of your brand.

Think seriously about the possibility of adding a tagline if your logo isn’t sufficiently supporting your company’s image, or doesn’t differentiate your business from another in the same industry. The goal is to create a successful brand, and in some cases, a tagline can make the difference.

Crowdsource your tagline – don’t risk making a mistake, launch a design contest!

A tagline can be the main feature of your logo, carrying an element of the overall message and energy of the brand. Element of recognizability. So there is no need to rush when determining the tagline, and the best way to consider as many variants as possible is to launch a design contest.

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Remember, a good designer is by default a good branding expert because he is a person who will use his experience and creative charge to enter the philosophy of your brand and the philosophy of the market you are addressing. Therefore, expect good solutions for the taglines that will accompany your logo, in addition to getting a great visual design solution.

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