Business Branding Logo Tips

Utilizing Shapes Psychology In Logo Design and Branding

There is always a psychological aspect of any design. This psychology is why people are more inclined to love specific brands, their products, or their brand identity. Design plays with the mind, and making a set of graphics for a business is more than just what looks friendly and pleasing. Customers can often feel out companies based on their initial run-ins with their logo designs and other elements like colors and patterns.

Designers typically price premium because of their knowledge on these aspects of designing and branding. Knowing what makes sense and what doesn’t relies on a company’s identity and its mission and vision. This knowledge is perfected throughout the years and has given logo design a unique field of study. Psychology plays a big part in logo design, and here are facts about shapes when you are crafting a top-notch business logo set:

Boxes and Rectangles

When attempting to portray trust and security, nothing displays strength more than boxes and rectangles. Buildings, safes, vaults, and other pillars are typically shaped in these forms and, therefore, portray safety for clients. If you take a look at Microsoft’s newest logo, it represents a more robust and cleaner aesthetic compared to the previous one, as the boxes make it look stable and unmovable. With tech requiring online security for its users, using squares and rectangles will give the vibe of dependability. 


Circles often portray the limitless potential of things. They are often likened to things that have seamless movement. Car tires, balls, and other round objects typically exhibit the nature of unlimited motion, as these have no obstructions when rolling around. With this shape in a design, it demonstrates a softer and more casual visual to the eyes, making it more welcoming. This softness is why smoother fonts are more comfortable to look at compared to academic writing with harder-lined fonts. Roundness indicates infinity in motion, as they are never-ending and do not have any contention points. 


Triangles are beautiful design shapes, and using them in logo design can give off various effects. Depending on which direction the triangle is pointing, it can act as an arrow to indicate a direction. Using them in groups can give a geometric look that can be futuristic. Triangles often look advanced and are therefore used in technology companies, such as Google’s Google Drive cloud software. The GDrive logo looks incredibly modern, with a dash of futuristic elements meshed into it. These shapes can also give off a look and feel of being balanced, stable, and growing depending on the context of use.

Organic Forms

Organic shapes often invoke the most powerful feelings in people. Organic, when viewed from a manufacturing standpoint, is something that is unique to nature and is usually not able to be created by man. Many of the greatest companies take logo designs from the environment, such as Gatorade’s lightning bolt. Lightning speaks “energy” to Gatorade’s customers and is ultimately in line with its brand identity as a sports drink. Organic design often looks incredible and is the best way to show people familiarity and ease of brand recall. 


Logo design is a field that can be easy to start, but diving into the more in-depth details might prove to be more difficult than expected. With so many elements that come with graphic design, making logos has plenty of psychological aspects that align with these. Taking the right steps can be the difference between successful branding and a company struggling to establish a foothold in the industry.