The photography industry is overflowing with amateur photographers all vying to land enough gigs to make a living. A secret weapon in this highly visual industry is a memorable photography company logo, which is what brought the founder of Corona Photography to a 48hourslogo contest. Below is a breakdown of what made the logo work so well (for an overview of what makes great logo design, check out our post here).

Making the Logo Pop

One of the requirements of the client was for the design to “pop”.
The designer went with a dark background with lighter text, which provided deep contrast and a striking first impression. It’s a bold move considering most people prefer the more conventional light background and dark backgrounds can result in less readability. But for this client it worked well. The dark background set the design apart from more conventional logos, making the design pop. To address the readability issue, the designer used capital letters in a crisp bold silver.

Showcasing the Client’s Industry

This photographer shoots primarily in exotic locations, such as scenic beaches. The camera’s lens is a scene reflecting a typical shoot. A simple design of an island, ocean, palm trees, and a large open sky all serve as symbols indicating to the viewer the photographer’s niche. Vibrant colors add visual interest to the design, and hint at the photographer’s artistic eye.

Uniting the Image and the Text

The designer used color to tie the pieces of the image together. The silver of the camera connected to the silver in the text “Corona”. The orange of the sky is matched in the text “photography”. This use of color unified the piece into one cohesive visual unit.

The Use of Space

The design incorporates a large amount of empty space. The design “breathes” well and does not feel crowded. The camera lens is centered in the image, giving it prominence and drawing the viewer’s eye in and down towards the company name. In an instant, the viewer’s gaze is drawn to the photographer’s specialization and the company name.

The Overall Feel of the Design

The photographer was seeking an eye catching professional logo- and that’s the end result. The use of contrast, imagery, unifying color, and space all create a memorable logo that pops.
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