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Logo Copyright Transfer Document

Though this is not necessary to complete a contest and gain the rights to your logo from 48hourslogo, we have a logo copyright transfer document for your peace of mind.

If you are holding a logo contest through 48hourslogo, you own the rights to the logo you choose as the winning design. Confirming the Logo Package is key though. By confirming that the designer has delivered the agreed upon files of your new design, you acknowledge that you have received your logo and all necessary files. When this is done, the prize for the contest is released from 48hourslogo to the winning designer. This acts as the logo copyright transfer of payment for services.

This exchange has always been the logo copyright transfer at To the best of my knowledge, in my three+ years here, there has never been an issue with logo copyright ownership.

As stated in on the 48hourslogo FAQ Page:

From time to time, it is requested of our designers to provide a written statement for the logo copyright transfer. I have done so before when requested. I know that others in the Design Community have as well. While this is not necessary, we understand it provides peace of mind to businesses who may have experienced problems in the past.

We recommend that our designers accommodate contest holders as much as possible, within reason. It is their choice though, as to whether they would provide a written statement for the logo copyright transfer.

To make it easier for all parties, I have provided a Logo Copyright Transfer Document in this post.

What this does is, on paper, reiterate that the designer has relinquished their rights to the ownership of the winning logo design. The designer does retain rights to any non-winning designs submitted. They also reserve the right to include the design in their portfolio, online or in print, to demonstrate their skill. Unless, of course, the contest was a Private Contest. Then those rights must be requested by the designer and granted by the owner of the logo design.

Be warned that I am not a legal expert. As a professional graphic designer, I have researched the duties and responsibilities of logo copyright transfers. I am confident that this document will serve the formalities of a Logo Copyright Transfer form for designers and business owners.

Let me remind you – this is mainly a formality. This document is not necessary to finish your logo contest or complete the transfer of ownership. When you select a winner and confirm the logo package, the contest holder gains the rights to the chosen logo design. If you feel the need to use this document, let it be for your peace of mind. A PDF can be downloaded from the link below.

Logo Copyright Transfer Agreement

If you have any questions or concerns about copyright issues, please visit our Copyrights Page.

Have questions about downloading the Logo Package? This post should be helpful.

If you would like more information about logo copyright issues, I can recommend these sites that were helpful to me while researching this topic:

I hope you find this useful and have enjoyed your experience with!



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