48hourslogo FAQs

Client Questions:

What is 48 Hours Logo?
Competition drives innovations. We offer custom logo design at unbeatable value. We allow logo clients to interact directly with our logo designers and receive custom logo designs within hours. The minimum price to start a logo design contest is $99. Take a look at our just completed logo contests to see the quality of logos you will receive.
Do I own the logo?
Absolutely, once our client selects a winning logo design, the legal ownership of this logo transfer to the client. Other design concepts not selected remain copyrighted by the respective designers.
What happens after my contest ends?
After initial qualifying stage ends, you will be prompted to select up to 3 finalist designers to enter the "design revision stage". You will have a full week to work on your design revisions before selecting your final winner. If you started your contest with $29 initial payment, this is when you need to complete the balance payment so our designers know a winner is guaranteed for your project.
Will I get a refund if I don’t like any of the designs submitted?
* Logo contest started with $29 initial payment
If your contest received less than 5 design submissions at the end of the qualifying stage, you can either request for a full refund or re-list your contest again free of charge.
* Logo contest started with guaranteed full payment
If your contest received less than 10 design submissions at the end of the qualifying stage, you can also request for a full refund or re-list the contest free of charge.
What if I like more than one designs in a contest?
Our contest rule allows you to select only one winning design. However as soon as you select a contest winner, you will see the options to buy non-winning logos from other designers participated in your contest. The prices for each additional logo design varies depend on the designers and are usually between $50 to $100. When you buy additional design, you also receive free revisions if needed and also the complete logo package including design source files.
What's participation pay?
This is a great way to attract more designer attentions for your project. Because there are multiple designers who will work on your project but only one can win. If you have purchased some participation pays ($5 each), you can award the money to anybody who you think deserve the extra pay. This is a great way to show your appreciation for designers who worked hard on your project but didn't win. Designers love it, so your project gets the extra attention.
What file formats will I receive?
Our final logo package includes JPG, PNG, PDF, and EPS (vector source file). These file formats will be sufficient for both online and offline printing. Any additional formats can be request directly from the winning logo designer.
I started my contest with initial payment for 48 hours. Can I extend my contest?
Yes. Wait until your contest initially ends then click on the "More design concepts" link on your contest page. You can choose to re-list your contest or order additional concepts from our Elite designer team.
What's re-listing my logo contest?
You can choose this option when you contest has initially ended. By re-listing your project, we will re-open your contest for 2 more days and submit it on top of our project list for maximum exposure. There is a $19 charge for re-listing your project and you can only do this once.
My logo contest will end in 2 days, why mine didn't get as many submissions as other contest?
The situation is that you will get most of the submissions on the last day of your contest. So don't worry. However, there are other things you can do to get more active designer participations --- such as providing constructive comments on the designs that you like to see further revisions.
Can I increase my contest prize after it has started?
Yes. But for best result, you must also choose to re-list your project. Just wait until your contest initially ends then choose the Re-list option. You can enter the new amount for your contest and we will automatically figure out your balance payment.
What if I need business card and stationery designs?
We offer matching stationery designs for your new logo for just $69. Just put a check mark for the stationery design option when starting your logo contest and we will prompt you for more stationery design details at the end of your logo project. Our stationery design package includes business card, letterhead, and envelope designs. If you need something slightly different, just let your designer know. Your stationery will be designed by the winning design of your logo contest, and you don’t have to pay until your logo project is complete and you are ready to proceed to stationery design process.
What about web page or print designs?
Yes, we now also offer webpage and print design contests. The minimal prizes for web and print designs are:
Web Design
Webpage design minimum: $149 Suggested: $300
Mobile app design minimum: $99 Suggested: $200
Banner ad design minimum: $79 Suggested: $150
Print Design
T-shirt, Packaging, Brochure minimum: $99 Suggested: $200

Designer Questions:

How to join the 48HoursLogo design team
Simply register a designer account and make sure you meet the following requirements when submitting your work:
  1. VECTOR ONLY - No Photoshop; use Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. (Final artwork submitted in EPS with fonts converted to outlines)
  2. NO CLIPART - Must be original work of art.
  3. IMAGE DIMENSIONS - 330x250 px in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.
  4. NO WATERMARKS - your design firm or other.
  5. IMAGE CENTERED - horizontally and vertically with sufficient spacing all around.
Is every project on 48hourslogo.com prepaid?
Yes. Every project posed on 48hourslogo.com is prepaid by the client. Client has the option to either prepay the full prize amount or prepay an initial payment of $29 and complete the remaining balance after seeing some design concepts. The payment information for each logo project is shown on the upper left corner of the project page.

Projects started with an initial payment can only run for 48 hours, we will contact the client to complete the remaining payment when project enters into the judging mode. It is not recommended for designers to make further modifications until the full payment is received from the client.
How much will I get paid at 48hourslogo?
You will receive contest prize immediately after the project is completed. We will deduct a flat $29 commission from each project and pay the rest to the winning designer.
In addition to the winning prize, you also receive other award as follow:
* $5 for each participation pay you receive
* $3 for each client invite (must submit a design to the contest)
* $1 for every time when you make the finalist in a contest
How do I receive my payment?
Because we send our payment via Paypal, so please make sure you have a valid Paypal account. All your earnings are accumulated in your designer balance. You can withdraw your balance at anytime. The fund should be available in your Paypal account within 48 hours of you making the withdraw.
How do I submit my design when a project is in revision stage?
Only designers who have been selected by the contest holder to participate in the revision stage can submit new designs. You will be notified when you are selected as the finalist in a project. Your design concepts submitted when project was open will most likely determine if you can enter into the revision stage and eventually winning the contest.
My design just won, what’s next?
For the winning designer, you will see an upload window at the bottom of the project page where you can upload the logo package(zip format) for this design. You can also contact the client directly by sending him a message there. Once the client confirms the logo package, the contest prize will be added to your earning balance and available for immediate withdraw.
What should be included inside of a logo package?
Our standard logo package should include the following:
  • * Final design in ai, eps, jpeg and pdf formats
  • * Logo design on black/white background (jpg format)
  • * Black&White version of the logo (jpg format)
  • * Logo icon by itself if apply (jpg format)
  • * A text file specifying the colors and fonts used in the design.
Please click on the follow link to see an example of our logo package file.LogoStar_Reference_package
Note: Please leave sufficient white space around the design. The package file should be in ZIP format named LogoName.ZIP