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  • Business Card

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Business Card

Front of the card:Just like example everything the same,
But then ofcourse vector with right colors and PMS so I can have it printed.
Background of this is, i want to have these gift certificates printed as business cards and then have a competition where i hand out these gift certificates for an online shop, and the winner receives the missing code to use the gift certificate.

Most important is that the right PMS colors will be used for printing. I dont know the right PMS colors. I do have a example card here on my desk which i could photograph is that helps. I dont know it the right color can be determined from the given images.
So one image is front (blue with logo)
and with white will be back of the business card

Back of the card:Just like example everything the same
Result must be with PMS printable colors

Here is a link to the EPS of the orange logo:
Ofcourse all text should be changeable in EPS or PMS and fonts and colors should be correct as example. If needed check: coolblue.nl

--- Update: 2019-06-13 00:47:16 ---

If there questions or dont understand, please let me know,
the back and front of how it should look is exactly the same, but I need EPS PSD versions and not the low quality images that I added to this project here

--- Update: 2019-06-13 00:49:45 ---

after you joined the contest if possible provide your email address, thanks

--- Update: 2019-06-13 14:07:00 ---

Hi sorry i forgot there is one more instruction.
in the end of the code there should be added -YX9P and it should be like someone used a black stift to hide it
that code perhaps just show the top and bottom few pixels of the code under and above the black stift mark
So it can be seen that there is part of the code hidden with black stift but can not be read

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