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Brand Name

Savage Royals (logo)

Items To Be Designed

  • Business Card

Detailed Design Instruction

Business Card

Front of the card:Savage Royals
Tylor Savage - Owner
PH# 512-430-8472

Like & Follow on Facebook and Instagram (or some version of that whether its FB & Instagram logo with @name) @savageroyals.ballpythons

Back of the card:Want to do a full color image of a GHI Mojave with a Facebook and Instagram logo and our address. @savageroyals.ballpythons (only if it doesn't take away from the image)

--- Update: 2018-10-14 22:40:08 ---

Just need a business card that works well with logo, and is one of a kind. With a great image of one of our babies on the back (yes you can crop and edit as needed to make the image on the back the best possible representation)

Additional Design Inspirations

User upload:

This is the GHI Mojave I would like to have on the back

Savage Royals (logo) brand identity winner#3 by Eko_Kurniawan
Savage Royals picked a winner from 3 designs by 1 designers.
Rank: 1st
Savage Royals (logo) logo design concepts #3
#3 by Eko_Kurniawan
Rank: 2nd
Savage Royals (logo) logo design concepts #2
#2 by Eko_Kurniawan
Rank: 3rd
Savage Royals (logo) logo design concepts #1
#1 by Eko_Kurniawan

Winning Design Package by Eko_Kurniawan (Confirmed!)

1 years ago

[Savage Royals confirmed the design package file.]

Amazing as always, can't wait for my next project to see what E.K. does.
- Savage Royals


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1 years ago


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1 years ago

Eko_Kurniawan is just invited to join this contest!

Savage Royals
1 years ago

Eko_Kurniawan is selected as the contest winner!

Savage Royals
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