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Logo Name

The Hit Squad

Business Brief

THE HIT SQUAD is a pool/billiards team that will be competing in the World Championships of Amateur Pool in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Sports Recreation

Ideas & concepts

We have two concepts we'd like to explore:

1) A play on pool drill schematics incorporating the shape of a pool table with balls, angles and drills. The "Hit Squad" name could be burnished into the felt of the table or added above the table.

2) To play with the double meaning of "Hit Squad" - hit as it relates to a pool shot and the way that you hit that shot or hit as in "to shoot with a gun". Use the classic way cue ball spin is depicted in diagrams, which looks very much like the sights of a gun. (see

For the font/lettering treatment of THE HIT SQUAD, use a playful and bold idea featured in some professional sports teams (like the lettering from the sample logos selected here). See other sports teams font treatment uploaded as well.

If depicting the cue ball, use the red "circle" or "measles" version of the cue ball. See attached images.

THE HIT SQUAD plays both 8 and 9 ball, so depiction of either of those balls specifically isn't necessarily desired.

Sample Styles

Client selected following sample logo design styles:

From gallery:

Additional Design Inspirations

User upload:

Title/font treatment examples that are fun, bold, and easy to read.
Example of the "red circle" cue ball on the left and "red measles" cue ball on the right.
Shot diagram examples. In the upper right a "geometry" explanation of ball dynamics. Bottom right, cue ball hit angle diagram. Bottom left, cue ball shot alignment diagram.

The Hit Squad  winner#17 by Sorjen
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The Hit Squad logo design concepts #17
#17 by Sorjen

Winning Design Package by Sorjen (Confirmed!)

3 years ago

[PDXMHatter confirmed the design package file.]

Great initial design concept from our creative brief. Thanks for being so quick!
- PDXMHatter


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3 years ago


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3 years ago

PDXMHatter just uploaded the following file:

The example image mentioned in the "sight" concept.

3 years ago

We'd ideally like to have a 2:3 height:width aspect ratio design and it will be put on a black background.

3 years ago

Sorjen is selected as the contest winner!

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