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Good Consulting: This is an HR consulting and coaching company focused on developing people helping them to reach their potential. Focused on behavior, communication and growth mindset. I facilitate learning programs, conduct 1:1 coaching sessions, work with HR teams on strategy and run learning events. I want an edgy, bold, classy and unique logo to reflect me and the work I do!



Ideas & concepts

Company name is Good Consulting however I just want letters to be prominent.
Slick, modern, clean funky look with "G" or "g" I like Black and White but am also open to colour (grey, green, teal, fuchsia, melon, charcoal - no neon).
We can try having "Good Consulting" there too but less prominent, small font. I am open to anything. Thanks!

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G logo winner#399 by FloVal
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G logo design concepts #399
#399 by FloVal

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3 years ago

[Client47815 confirmed the design package file.]

I am so thrilled with the work FloVal produced. Extremely efficient and easy to deal with but more importantly totally "got" what I wanted. THANK YOU!
- Client47815


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3 years ago


Thank you for launching your design contest at 48hourslogo. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your project.

1. Keep your design brief simple and upload sample pictures to explain what you really want in your design.

2. Rate and leave feedback directly under the designs you see potential to help guide the designers in the right direction.

3. Have fun, and be encouraging to your designers to keep them motivated about your contest.

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