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Logo Name

Shred Shed Strength

Business Brief

See for info.

"In a world filled with lots of confusing and often conflicting voices, Shred Shed Strength exists to bring best practices of exercise and fitness to the masses. In the Shred Shed Podcast, we distill time-tested and ground-breaking peer-reviewed research, common conceptions, and popular hearsay into applicable training approaches for you to best achieve your physical goals. We’re here to call out the BS and hand you what works."

We're seeking to establish a clear flow of information between the general population and the research in exercise and fitness. Our goal is to provide straight forward knowledge to apply in the fitness life of the average human being for them to enhance their health, performance, and longevity. We exist with the longterm goal being to fund a grassroots gym/cafe/community center where people serious about training can come train for free.

Currently we provide content by way of a podcast, online articles, and social media info. We are anticipating branding and apparel in the near future.


Sports Recreation

Ideas & concepts

Colors should be darker and distinct. We're a fan of "sunset" orange and charcoal but other colors may catch our eye. No more than 1-3 total colors. A white background would be ideal for more versatility. Needs to be able to be read from a very small graphic size such as a podcast artwork or icon. Keep it simple but unique. Should have a rugged, yet classy feel. Like a no-frills old school gym that is clean and pristine. Must be universal for multiple uses (podcast artwork, branding on banners, ads, existing pictures, apparel, etc.

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Shred Shed Strength logo winner#50 by mutafailan
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Shred Shed Strength logo design concepts #50
#50 by mutafailan

Winning Design Package by mutafailan (Confirmed!)

3 years ago

[Client46403 confirmed the design package file.]

Very good to work with and he provided alterations very timely and according to request.
- Client46403


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