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Logo Name

Osborn Lawn Care

Business Brief

Osborn Lawn Care is a commercial and residential lawn care company. We do all aspects of Lawn care including mowing,edging,trimming and fertilizer.


Home Garden

Ideas & concepts

I want something bold and very professional I would like Osborn to really stand out. I would like to use the Orange in the picture below again a black background. Please add a silver to the logo and maybe some cool shiny green. Please DO NOT add any cartoon lawn mowers or anything that is cartoonish. My company is very professional I would like a bold professional logo.

Thank you!

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This is just a logo that I like I like how they used the fire in the middle of the O maybe you could implement this design with grass like this style here!
I just want the color of the Orange in my logo. Probably the Osborn.
I like how this one is bold and still professional

Osborn Lawn Care logo winner#71 by mppal
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Osborn Lawn Care logo design concepts #71
#71 by mppal

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4 years ago

[Andrew.osborn28 confirmed the design package file.]

We are very pleased with the design, thank you.
- Andrew.osborn28


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4 years ago


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4 years ago

mppal is selected as the contest winner!

4 years ago

Could you please send the zip in different format so I can download the file thank you

4 years ago

Admin - We are having issues with file compatibility and are needing the file in a zip that can be opened on a different program than WinRar.

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