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Gamma Ray Toys ( Considering &q

Business Brief

A toy store. For now, 100% online. New and Used. Specializes in action figures, Mostly: Star Wars, Marvel Legends, DC Direct, MacFarlane, Sideshow, Hot Toys, Giant, Diamond Select. There will be a large focus on custom action figures and accessories. Will eventually carry most major toy and related collectible manufacturers.

So, think along the lines of Super Heros and Sci-Fi: Star Wars, X-Men, Avengers, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, etc.



Ideas & concepts

Open, with some caveats:

My target audience is mostly older kids and adult collectors (males). Likely read comic books. Many will be comic book artists or custom action figure sculptors. However the brand I'm building is family friendly.

The logo should NOT look appropriate for a preschool, or kindergarten. Think "Cool!" Not "Cute!".

I'm open to a retro or vintage look.

Search through modern comics for inspiration at, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics.

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6 years ago

Welcome to 48hoursLogo

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6 years ago

Feel free to submit a funny, yet tough, small-medium sized animal as a superhero. Chihuahua, Rabbit, squirrel, hawk, fox, etc. Please, no raccoons, no turtles. As much as I like the idea, they could easily clash with existing popular franchises.

6 years ago

please see #39. thanks!

6 years ago

Please check #56-58.Cheers

6 years ago

awasome work aRBy...

6 years ago

Thanks gcreatives

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