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Logo Name

Cupcakes and Chai

Business Brief

We make mini cupcakes, and serve chai with it. Looking to expand on various types of chais and cupcakes, both from online to store front business.



Color preference

Prefered colors:   

Ideas & concepts

Looking for elegant, sophisticated, classy, and modern logo. Thinking about ideas such as using the cupcake to look like a chai cup, or using the C's in a fancy way.

Looking for a design that is less "girly" in colors and more modern/abstract. Company is run by a male.

Logo styles

Client is interested in the following logo styles:

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Cupcakes and Chai logo design concepts #80
#80 by edesigners

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6 years ago

Welcome to 48hoursLogo

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your design project:

1. Please leave feedback directly on the designs to guide the designers in the right direction
2. Eliminate designs that you are “not interested”
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6 years ago

Thank you for everyone who participated. We are so lucky to meet such talented people. We will keep you in mind as we look for possible future ideas.

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