Yoga studio Logos

Stretch your yoga studio business with a logo designed to increase your core client base. Whether you are a devotee of Ashtanga or Hatha yoga, our designers can help you develop a logo to hit all the right poses. As yoga is as much about achieving a quiet mind as a strong, supple body, your logo should show off the serenity achieved with regular practice. View our gallery of yoga studio logos below where warm tones and pastel shades convey a sense of peace, while italic fonts whisper in a calm, quiet voice.

Yoga studio logo design inspiration

Mandalas make beautiful backgrounds

From the Sanskrit meaning 'circle', mandalas are intricate designs used in Buddhist art to signify the universe. Featuring spirals and petals shapes in black and white or color, they have the appearance of a flower in full bloom. Often used in yoga-related images, mandalas represent the opening up of the body and mind during the practice of yoga. Achieving perfect symmetry and radial balance, they are ideal for representing the sacred space of a yoga studio and are an ideal addition to your logo.

Strike a pose in silhouette

The poses in yoga are key to its practice, so simple silhouettes of figures are popular in yoga themed logos. Choosing the classic Lotus position or a Sun Salutation can give your logo a sense of flow and movement. Silhouettes don't need to be in dark colors so if your color theme is bright and light, let your figures be light too. Soothing pastels and warm colors create a sense of peace and harmony and can make your yoga studio logo inviting.

By Ciara

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