Woodwork Logos

If you're a carpenter, joiner, or artisan woodworker, we can put together a logo handcrafted to your design. Whether you create handmade custom pieces or put together kitchen cabinets, we can make your logo dovetail with your target audience. Bandsaws are commonly used in woodwork logos as their circular shape lends itself easily to logo design, and they make an ideal text container. Timber backgrounds and images that are reminiscent of wood knots are also popular. Take a look at our gallery of wood-inspired designs below to find one that's polished.

Woodwork logo design inspiration

Make your logo look handcrafted

While industrial saws are often used in cabinet making and joinery, there is still an element of handcraft associated with furniture design and production. Even furniture that rolls off a production line has an element of uniqueness to it due to the wood grain. Woodworking and carpentry have a link with artisan-based businesses and hark back to a time when everything was handcrafted. Using hand-drawn images and fonts in your logo can help to emphasize this and create a feeling of authenticity.

Incorporate specialist tools

Hammers and handsaws are good for depicting woodworking and repairs. However, for those engaged in the artistry of cabinet making or furniture design, there are other tools available for incorporation into a woodwork logo. Awls, planes, clamps, and gauges, not to mention a good old-fashioned pencil, can all be used to create a logo that stresses the craft involved, as well as more industrial tools such as band and jigsaws. Ask our designers to help you hammer out a woodwork logo for your business.

By Ciara

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