Wedding Photography Logos

Wedding Photography Logos should tell couples you're the right person for the job. You're able to keep such especial memories intact. And your experience and professionalism is what sets you apart from the competition. Without a visually appealing logo design, customers have no reason to buy your services. So, it's important to focus on creating a message couples will trust.

Wedding Photography logo design inspiration

How to solve the color palette problem

Choosing the right logo color palette is the number one concern when making a logo design. Likely, once you know your customers, choosing the right color is a lot easier. Soft tones represent a more traditional wedding photography. If you're into indie wedding photography a more defined color palette will make a bigger impact. You may have a very varied clientele, in that case, you could choose a dominant color for the foreground and play with few other tones in the background. Focus on creating a balanced color palette, and think what you can say about your style.

Emphasize on your personal style

Make your logo special, at the end of the day, people will choose you over other photographers mainly for your personality. While is important to know what's around, is also a good idea to think about what makes your business special. Maybe, you've been working with artists and celebrities bring that in your logo design, or you're a traditional photographer working mostly with classic couples, so you could bring certain symbols like a carriage or wedding rings. This is key to make a quality logo design, people will come to your business because their feel you're the right person to take care of their most important day. Tell them you're the perfect photographer for their wedding, make them feel at ease with a stunning logo design.

By Chris

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