Vintage Logos

With so many influences to choose from, those looking for a vintage style logo have a wealth of design choices available to them. Our designers have in-depth knowledge of different style eras from art deco to pop art and can incorporate elements of these into your logo. Signature fonts coupled with distinct motifs hold the key to vintage logos whether your business is vintage fashion and jewelry, or you are simply a fan of a particular style. Take a look at our gallery to see how vintage inspired logos can add value to your brand.

Vintage logo design inspiration

Color and detail add authenticity

Whether you want to evoke the spirit of the 1950's or the era of Henry James, using the right colors is important to create the look of a particular period in history. Bright, primary colors are associated with the Americana of the fifties and the birth of rock n roll, while soft muted colors and sepia tones create the authentic feel of the late 19th century. Whichever theme you are going for it is important to stick with the color palettes used during that time.

Use the correct fonts to keep it in the right era

It's not just color that marks out a particular vintage style. Fonts, like fashions, are associated with specific eras. Whether you want to go for the classic capitalization of an Art deco type style, or the eye-popping sans serif fonts belonging to the Pop art era, the right font is crucial to creating the look. Our designers can help you find the perfect font to fit with whatever vintage style you choose, making your logo worthy of a place in history!

By Ciara

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