Tax Logos

Nobody likes taxes, but everybody has to pay them. Let our experienced designers come up with a solution for your tax company logo that delivers the best return. Simple designs will help reassure clients of your professionalism while color can make you stand out from the crowd. As taxation is an abstract concept, wordmark logos work best but, calculators and spreadsheets can be used to add life to your logo in the form of simple graphics. Ensure potential clients know your advice is the best with a tax logo that's an asset.

Tax logo design inspiration

Keep colors primary

To anyone but a specialist, taxation can be a minefield and often left until the last minute to deal with. A wordmark logo in bright, reassuring colors such as green, orange or blue projects a positive image and sends the message your service takes the work out of dealing with tax returns. Red should be used with caution due to its negative connotations in financial terms, but as part of a primary palette can add a bright accent to a tax logo.

Use graphics sparingly

You want your tax logo to be appealing, but also to portray you as professional and reliable. Cartoon graphics are probably best avoided, but simple icons can add some life to your logo. Chart arrows showing upwards trends indicate that getting your taxes in order can increase your income, while calculators and spreadsheets are easy to reproduce in a simple form. Currency symbols also indicate savings made from correct tax returns but should be used sparingly to avoid confusion with foreign exchange brokers.

By Ciara

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