Social media Logos

If you run a social media solutions agency or consultancy, our designers can come up with a logo that establishes your credentials and sets you apart from the competition. As a relatively new business model, social media consultants can create a niche for themselves by appealing to younger audiences with fresh designs focused on their digital output. Icon style images help to sell the concept and replicate the language of social media while using a bright array of colors designed for consumption online can make your social media logo sizzle like the samples below.

Social media logo design inspiration

Icons symbolize social media

Ancient civilizations used images and icons to communicate with one another in paintings and carvings, and social media has brought iconography in communications full circle. Emojis and apps use simple images to convey complex messages, and your logo should show your understanding of this modern language. If your business is focused on one specific area of social media, use icons that promote that or, incorporate a range of them in a spectrum of colors to emphasize your knowledge of mass communication.

Social media has upward mobility

Images in your social media logo should show movement to create a positive message. Birds, transport or people in motion indicate action, goals and a destination to be reached. Using active images promises clients you will progress their business by connecting them with others through social media and digital communications. It also emphasizes the importance of social media channels in the world of mobile communications and technology. Our designers can deliver a social media logo that speaks directly to your clients.

By Ciara

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