Plumbing Logos

If you're looking for a logo for your plumbing or drainage business, we have a selection guaranteed to secure clients. From friendly to serious we can help you put your plumbing business on the map. Our designers have produced hundreds of logos for construction-related businesses and understand how to create one that shows your expertise. Tap into plumbing themes with water droplets and images of faucets incorporated into the text or throw in a wrench to let your clients know you mean business. Take a look at the samples below for inspiration.

Plumbing logo design inspiration

Keep it simple

While plumbing and drainage may be complicated work, clients rarely want to know all the details. Appeal to their desire to have things fixed by focusing on the end result. Dripping faucets are popular images for plumbing logos and are easily included in typography or icons. Other themes which work well are those that stress reliability and friendliness. If you are a small plumbing firm or sole contractor, then incorporating a local reference into your logo is a great way to show your availability.

Focus on industrial colors

While you might want to add some personality to your plumbing logo, the colors used still need to communicate what your business involves. The use of color in a logo can have a subliminal effect. While no one will expect a plumbing services logo to be pink, even using colors such as green or red could send the wrong message unless used as accents. Silver, blue and black represent the tools and fittings of your trade and lets your customers know where they stand.

By Ciara

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