Orthodontic Logos

Smile! If you’re looking for a logo for an orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry practice, you’ve come to the right place. A beautiful smile is welcoming and inviting, so a logo for an orthodontic practice should be the same. That doesn’t mean it needs to feature a smile per se, although it can, simply that it should be inviting and create a great first impression. Highlighted text with flashes that convey shine or sparkle does that while implying the service given. Browse our gallery below to find a logo to put a smile on your face.

Orthodontic logo design inspiration

A design with teeth

Dentistry and orthodontics are all about smiles, but smiles are made up of teeth. Using teeth in typography or graphics can give your logo a sense of personality as well as letting prospective clients know what you do. If you specialize in pediatric dentistry or run a family oriented practice using playful images or graphics can create a sense of fun for children and take any fear out of the process. Ask our designers for ideas on how to make your logo more family friendly.

Dazzle with silver and gold

Using silver and gold in dentistry logos help to promote the idea of a blinding smile. As the background is often made up of white space, it can be hard to create a dazzling effect by simply using black and white. Incorporating metallics in both typography and graphics can make your logo dazzle, as well as giving it a bit color. Metallics also work well with blue, which is often seen in medical and dental logos to emphasize a sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

By Ciara

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