Icecream Logos

Whether you have an ice cream parlor or catering company, our designers can serve up a logo that's a sweet proposition. Old-fashioned typography from the 1930's or 40's replicates signage from a soda bar or drugstore, while swirls of candy pink or brown will give your logo the right flavor. Sprinkle on some colored accents, then top it off with saucy highlights and you have a mouthwatering logo for your ice cream business. Sample the 12 different flavored ice cream logos below to get a taste of what our designers can do.

Icecream logo design inspiration

Give it a glossy look

The French call ice cream glace, meaning glazed, due to its glossy appearance. Whether you sell Italian gelato or softly whipped ice cream, highlighting the images in your logo to give them a glossy look makes them more appealing. Simple illustrations allow for the distinctive shape of a sugar cone with a scoop sitting on the top taking center stage. Brown accents joined by candy colors of pink and yellow fill your ice cream logo with the popular flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Match fonts with graphics

Whether opting for a style reminiscent of soda fountains or something more fun and modern, your fonts should integrate into your ice cream logo to match the graphics. Pop art images showing the distinctive drip of melted ice cream are well matched with rounded bubble fonts to create a sense of fun. Delicate line drawings benefit from being paired with italic fonts and decorative flourishes such a ribbons. The result will be a tasty and tempting logo for your ice cream business.

By Ciara

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