Hair salon Logos

Make a style statement with a ladies hair salon logo that is cut and colored to perfection. Whether you offer highlights, lowlights or razor-sharp layering, our designers can create a logo for your hairdressing salon that will blow away the competition. Colorful flowing locks are a popular choice, particularly with those specializing in coloring services, while silver fonts reversed out of a black background can give your logo a luxurious feel. For those dispensing with graphics, a subtle wordmark logo using simple fonts can mark you out as a cutting-edge salon.

Hair salon logo design inspiration

S for style, salon and studio

The letter S frequently appears in hair salon and studio names and giving it a flowing appearance can help sell your logo. Use it in typography to support an image of cascading tresses or a hairdryer cord, or emphasize it to add balance to graphics elsewhere in your logo design. Adding color highlights when doing this ensures your graphic harmonizes with fonts and any embellishments used. Ask our designers how to dress up an S to ensure your hair salon logo has style.

Make it look luxuriant

A visit to a hair salon is about more than just cut and color. Keeping hair in good condition is part of the hairdressers professional training, and beautiful tresses need conditioning to keep them looking luxuriant. Using silver or gold fonts on a black background gives the impression of luxury and can entice clients with the promise of a pampering experience. Alternately, a mono wordmark logo using modern fonts and simple styling can promote a studio that delivers understated glamor.

By Ciara

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